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Immersion Corporation Powers Nintendo Switch Touchscreen

The Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen is powered by Immersion and will include haptic touch. Nintendo has secured a multi-year agreement with the firm where their very own ‘TouchSense’ software provides extra depth to gameplay. In a press release from Immersion, they go on to explain:

“(the touchscreen) will help developers provide immersive touch-based gaming controls to players around the world”.

Immersion CEO, Vic Viegas, also has some praise for Nintendo’s new home console by saying:

“Nintendo sets the bar with their gaming systems, and adding advanced touch effects will give them an additional edge in delivering an incredible gaming experience to their customers”.

Interestingly, Immersion has a sticky past with tech giant; Apple. The two companies are currently going through a lawsuit in a dispute referencing the recent iPhone’s usage of haptic feedback.


10 thoughts on “Immersion Corporation Powers Nintendo Switch Touchscreen”

    1. Awesome. I was pretty amazed by the haptic feedback on the iphone7 when I got one. Between this, all the features they packed into the joycons, and the system hardware; the system itself looks top notch. Nintendo seems to have made it as relevant as they could. The problems come when Nintendo tries to handle everything else. (i.e. online infrastructure, social, software, etc.)

    2. Omega Kalas Ridley X3 (Greatness Awaits at Nintendo Switch & Sony PlayStation 4! Come join us in the Light of Darkness!!)

      Like others said, too bad you can only use it for off-TV play. (Yeah. I’m still gonna call it that since I probably won’t use it as a portable too often.

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