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The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth + Will Be On Nintendo Switch At Launch

You’ll have one more game to play at the Nintendo Switch launch as the team have announced that The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth + will be a launch game. The popular indie title will be available as both a physical release and a digital release. It costs $39.99 and will include Rebirth, Afterbirth and Afterbirth+ packed together as one game.

You might want to consider pre-ordering as the first few thousand copies may come backed in with something special



    1. The game itself is fantastic (it’s what I didn’t know I wanted from the original Legend of Zelda dungeon style), and the Afterbirth DLC is also great. However, I’ve heard quite a bit of issues with Afterbirth+. I’m not sure if these issues will be resolved when the game launches on the Switch or not, but I’ll still pick up the game.

    2. I think it’s really fun. I wouldn’t play afterlife until you play rebirth…meh, I guess it doesn’t matter. It’s a dark and twisted game…so as long as that sounds fun to you, you’ll probably like it…maybe watch the trailer first also.

    3. Also, you basically play the same game over and over and over, but there are so many secrets unlockables, powers, characters ..IDK, it stays fresh, but everyone is different. I think it’s addicting as hell. I played a lot on my 3DS, then got it on Xbox1 so I could buy the extra content and expansions.

  1. $40 for a 2D indie game with procedurally generated levels is WAY too much! I will pay no more than $20 for this and wait for a 2nd hand copy.

    1. Nicalis is known to overprice their published games a bit. Cave Story 3D for $40 had less content than the Wii version for $20, most likely because Nicalis felt that they deserved more money for having to publish the game physically, which I assume to be the case here as the game plus its DLC on Steam is ~$36. Since the original non-Nicalis Binding of Isaac ran for $5 with DLC for the same price, Nicalis is definitely the culprit for the pricing of this game. I’d still say it’s worth it considering the large amount of enjoyable content, but still you can get games with similar content for much less on Steam and such.

    2. $40 is pretty steep. I know I didn’t pay that much, but since it includes the current expansion, $30 would be more fair, $40 includes the Nintendo Tax.

  2. Did they said they won’t release the game on the switch as well as wii u and refund all the money to backers ? I for sure won’t even touch a copy just for the principal.

  3. I have absolutely no interest in this game. I really don’t care how fun it’s supposed to be. Playing a 15 hour game over and over just because the dungeons change each time, doesn’t appeal to me.

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