US: NES Classic Edition In Stock At But You Have To Win The Chance To Buy One

The NES Classic (NES Mini if you’re in Europe) has been hard to get hold of since its launch back in November but it would seem have some stock in their warehouses ready to purchase – but there’s a catch. You have to enter into a competition to even be in with a the chance to purchase one.

Thankfully you can enter multiple times on their social media accounts through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter furthering increasing your chances of parting with $59.99 for one of the sought after consoles.

Full details and another way of entering can be found on their website – but be quick as no doubt the stock will dry up very quickly. The winners will be contacted secretly on Jan. 23 at 12 p.m. EST.

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  1. *facepalm* This is so stupid!

  2. you know what people could also do…. now i know this is crazy…. but you can buy an ACTUAL nintendo at many used game stores! even the original nintendo games! so instead of wanting for a tiny replica that is sold out everywhere – consider getting the real thing.

    also, if you’re broke, one could, or could not, download a free nes emulator on their computers or mobile phones. then can also, if they choose, download a bunch of free roms.

    what do you guys think honestly? is it fake hype due to low output, are a bunch of non consistent gamers interested in this for nostalgia? and if so why doesn’t having the original machine – for less time and money, appeal to those people?

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