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Japan: Nintendo Switch Customers Can Mix And Match Bundled Joy-Con Colours – Exclusive Black Strap Option Available

Nintendo’s home territory and its consumers get the luxury of being able to customise which colour Joy-Con they get when they purchase the console via their online store. Nintendo Of Japan is offering a choice of colours: Neon red, Neon blue, Grey and an exclusive colour strap not available outside of the territory – black.


Even though the Nintendo Switch isn’t region locked, you can only purchase your customised bundle if you have a Japanese My Nintendo account.

I’m not salty but that’s a pretty sweet deal.

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  1. Honestly not the best way to start a launch that you need to do well with. Giving more options to other regions isn’t gonna be liked by all. When someone buys a blue and red bundle in the US but finds out they could have had matching if they lived in japan, I’m sure a lot will feel kinda screwed. Cause honestly, many people probably want all blue or all red, with only some wanting mixed. So now they will feel like they have to spend another $70 (or whatever the joy cons cost) to have matching controllers. And it’s a very stupid simple thing they could have fixed. I am getting the mixed one and I kinda like it, but I’m not sure if I would have gotten it if I had the option of all blue or all red. Maybe I would, not sure.

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