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Here Are Some New I Am Setsuna Screenshots

It was announced earlier today that the RPG title I Am Setsuna will be coming to the Nintendo Switch as a launch title, and along with this news has come some new screenshots for you to feast your eyes on.

I Am Setsuna places you in the narrative of Setsuna, a young woman from Nive Village who inherited magical energy from her mother. The game combines elements of classic JRPG games with an emotional story-line as you follow Setsuna’s journey to the ceremony of sacrifice.

You can take a look at the new screenshots below:

The title is currently available on the PlayStation 4 and via Steam, and will also be available on the Switch as of 3rd March, 2o17.


6 thoughts on “Here Are Some New I Am Setsuna Screenshots”

  1. Will it run at 60 fps? 1080p or 900p docked? Not a very demanding game, but you never know. Vita port was 30 fps, PS4 and a moderate PC did 1080p-60.

    Switch hardware is questionable, but I’ve got to imagine it’s capable of 60 fps or this is a poor port.

  2. i don’t know if i will have the money to afford the console, both versions of BotW, the Joy-Con charging grip and this but i will see in 3 paychecks, i get them every 2 weeks on thursday so my next is not that far away.

  3. The last JRPG that I’ve truly enjoyed the most was Xenoblade Chronicles X. It’s great to see that Square Enix is publishing “I Am Setsuna” for the Switch at launch at the Nintendo Game Store (formerly Nintendo eShop). Thanks for sharing the news, Natalie.

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