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Video: IGN Takes A Closer Look At The Gorgeous Link Figure From First 4 Figures, Packaging Suggests Two More On Their Way

IGN struck gold and got to unbox and take a closer look at the Link figure from high-end collectible manufacturer – First 4 Figures. The collectible is modelled after Link from Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Take a look below:

The IGN presenter shows a quick glimpse of the pamphlet you get inside and the imagery suggests that there will be two more figures on their way. The 10″ tall, PVC Link figure is slated for a March release to coincide with Zelda: Breath Of The Wild on Nintendo Switch and Wii U setting you back $89.99.



  1. The WiiU version of the statue was 10.5″ tall! The statue was gimped .5″ for the Switch! D;

  2. So how come this statue is $89.00, when it honestly looks better that most of the other $400.00 statues they make. First Four Figures have no idea how to price their products.

    1. You just don’t understand how the market works. This is a 10 inch figure made out of PVC. Most of those statues that run for 400-500 dollars tend to go around 20 inches tall (or wide) and are made of polystone resin, which is a special material used for large scale statues and is well known for it’s potential to have high quality details in a sculpt whereas while PVC can be fantastic, it’s a bit bulkier and has a tendency to sag over time. Both are great mediums, but they’re different markets. TL;DR: They made this one out of plastic and they’re mass produced so they cost less. The big ones are stone resin, have more paint hits and are in a limited run, making them pricier.

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