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Aonuma Confirms Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Won’t Feature HD Rumble Support

Despite reports appearing on the internet that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will feature the unique HD Rumble feature, it turns out that this isn’t the case. The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has confirmed to French site GameBlog that sadly the new feature hasn’t been implemented in the game, which is a real shame.

“Of course, if the game had been created exclusively for the Switch, we could benefit from the unique capabilities of the machine, including HD Rumble. It is quite extraordinary, for example, you can try to guess how many balls are hidden in the controller … That’s something I would have liked to use.”

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    1. Says you. It honestly doesn’t look all that great to me, but I’m sure Zelda fans will lap up whatever Ninty shits out, so no matter what it’ll get glowing reviews because Zelda.

        1. No. It will be that the game and controls were designed for a unique piece of hardware and gameplay, then got delayed a year while devs were told to redesign the controls and some gameplay elements for the Switch.
          Even so, I’m sure it will be really fun and I can’t wait to play it.

      1. I laugh because dudes are selling these switch first adopted morons a 80 controller because of HD rumble, but the Zelda game doesn’t even have that. That’s funny.

  1. What?! Ah man, so many cool things could have been done. But it does seem that he’s referring to using it in a special game mechanic, not just in general. So it may still be in the game, just not for a game mechanic. I’ve heard many people that actually played it on the Switch say that they thought it was in the game, but maybe they were just caught up in the hype.

        1. I’m getting a hair-dryer SNOWMAN. Well see how fun Zelda is after I melt your hands off! D;<

      1. *right eye twitch* My inner Zelda fanboy has been triggered!

  2. sad i would have loved to feel that bow twang and pull and impacks and cue’s for enemys approtching explosions and water effects whilst swimming

    opk il stop now i dont want to copurse braindamage to a duaLshock moron

  3. This isn’t even a setback- it won’t stop the game from being utterly amazing. Would it have been nice? You bet. Would it have made any true impact on the game from a mechanical standpoint? Not likely.

    Maybe the next Zelda will use it. I can see it now… You swing the Master Sword, you can hear/feel Fi’s presence within it. You shake hands with an NPC, you feel their grasp and the weight of their hand in yours. You go fishing, you can feel how heavy your catch is.

    Doesn’t have to be exclusive to Zelda, of course.

    1. Mr Brisk, I applaud your imagination. Now, imagine Zelda for Switch gets released so late, it goes back to the shop to have HD rumble removed because it’s not part of the next system. And imagine…well…what else does the switch have? …I guess that’s it. So yeah! Start saving those tears cause Imma gonna be letting my Fairy out of the jar so I can collect them!! >;D

  4. Soooo that means the $ controller wont be using full capabilities yet we paying for tech not used.

    Not acceptable. If you charging us to leave our Wii U pro controllers for the Switch’s then use the new tech.

          1. LOL!

            “how is it not new after how many years”?

            If you are just learning English then I guess that’s pretty close to an actual question but I still can’t figure out what you are trying to ask so it appears we have reached an impass or you could try and rewrite your question…

            If your main language is English though, then you need to get your ass back to school asap ….

              1. OK.

                1. Nintendo has many Gimmicks for the Switch. They have had many in their previous lines as well.
                2. This particular Gimmick(HD Rumble) is not being used by Nintendo for this game.
                3. This isn’t new.They have taken this approach in the past. Ie. Wii U didnt always use its gamepad screen.
                4. They will use this gimmick on something else.

                Get a grip.

            1. Actually, it is a valid compound question, where the main clause is the question “How is it not new” and the subordinate clause is the prepositional phrase question “after how many years”. To clarify if you don’t understand, Snowman was asking “What is the length of time in which you have not seen” that nintendo doesn’t use their own gimmicks in their own games.

              Be careful of calling people stupid on the internet without doing your research first. English nerds are prowling everywhere.

    1. That’s a total bass-akwards statement.
      Switch Hindered BotW. Not the other way around Mr Lion.

  5. Please be talking about using it for a special game mechanic, not just in general! (As Batman said.) If HD Rumble isn’t an actual thing, I’m getting a 300 buck console on day 1 just to play a fucking Wii U port! Might as well let the 48 hour hold at GameStop run out on my Switch preorder & get the Wii U version at Amazon. *right eye twitch* Fucking Wii U! Even now, this fucking dying, cursed console is ruining shit for me from a Nintendo perspective! You can fuck me over with Paper Mario. You can fuck me over with Star Fox. Hell! You can turn Metroid & Fire Emblem into fucking Teletubby bullshit for all I care! But I draw the line at Zelda being held back by that fucking weak, on par with PS3/XB360 piss of shit trash they dare call a Nintendo console!!

    US Army-Nintendo
    Brosky-Wii U
    Betty-Legend of Zelda (Liv Tyler is so fucking hot! I know it’d be non-canon but I’d so buy & play a Lord of the Rings game featuring Arwen, with Liv’s likeness, as the main character!)

    After watching that video myself, I feel loads better!

    1. Damn. It’s Blosky, not Brosky. Maybe too much Brock Lesnar hype. And I should have included Aonuma as General Thunderbolt! *shrug* Oh well.

    2. You are playing a Zelda port that was stripped down so it’s not using either WiiU or switch hardware. They fucking castrated it to neither console owner would feel like they are missing anything, instead, we are both missing things.
      I don’t get the game designed for the original hardware, and your port didn’t get enough effort to use any switch features. It’s an all new low for Nintendo.

      1. This is the bullshit with Smash 4 Wii U/3DS all the fuck over again. “We don’t want people buying the game for only one platform to feel left out!” But adding Smash Run to the 3DS version & a board game to the Wii U version wasn’t an issue!? Ugh!

        1. They should have released ZeldaU as it was designed, then announced a remastered edition with HD rumble for Switch. They should’ve ported it right, not half arsed it.
          Instead it’s a game that could be released on any console. It doesn’t even Need Nintendo hardware in its current form.

          1. If our complaints are misplaced because we’re wrong & it does have Gamepad controls for Wii U & HD Rumble for Switch, it’s not our fault but Aonuma & Nintendo’s for not giving us the whole truth. Mostly Nintendo’s, though, since even Aonuma is probably getting gagged by NDA bullshit that shouldn’t be an issue at this point since BotW & the Switch is just around the damn corner!

            1. Yeah. They would be total dumbasses to not be clear about these things. Or manipulative, trying to keep secrets to manipulate the market. I hope to God they left the WiiU version alone and added HD to the switch version, but too often have they said otherwise.

          2. Lol. It’s funny cause they both screwed each other over. Wii U owners had to wait ages only for it to get delayed yet again for the new console. And Switch doesn’t get HD Rumble because it wasn’t originally designed for it. In the case of who got screwed more, it’s definitely Wii U owners. You can take it anywhere with the Switch. LMAO.

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