Here’s The New Heroes And Heroines Trailer For Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo has unveiled a new trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes, the upcoming mobile game adaptation of the Fire Emblem series. The trailer is titled Heroes and Heroines and showcases gameplay with over a minute of never-before-seen footage. You can check it out below. Fire Emblem Heroes is set to launch on February 2 via the App Store on iOS and Google Play on Android devices.


    1. Did you not see the “Choose your Legends” event?? All the characters on there are in the game. It’s just the winning character gets something special….

    2. As much as I agree that I’m tired of seeing Awakening/Fates stuff, do note that Ike is currently the first-place male character on the poll. That means, not only will he be in, he’s likely to get the slew of bonuses that come with his ranking.

      1. }{ Awakening is an amazing game, but Fates just failed to pull off any sort of interesting narrative, although the combat was well refined… Personally I’m rooting for Sacred Stones Erika, but it looks like I may just be alone on that… }{

  1. Tharja… My favorite from Awakening..!

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