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62% Of Japanese Players Believe The Switch’s Price Is Too High

January’s Switch presentation received mixed reactions from many fans. It seems that sentiment was also felt in Japan. The best examples of this come from a poll conducted by Hachima, a Japanese video game blog. Translated by Source Gaming, it seems that Japanese players think the Switch’s price is too high. While only 19.74% said it was really high, another 42.74% said it was a little high. This probably isn’t a great sign, over 62% of those surveyed believing the console’s price was too much. Check out the other poll results here.

Q: What did you think about the price of the Nintendo Switch?

I think it’s a little high: 42.47%
I think it’s just right: 30.63%
I think it’s really high: 19.74%
I think it’s a little cheap: 4.72%
I think it’s really cheap: 2.43%


    1. To someone rich like me, it is cheap. Cheap is relative to how much money you make. I alone make $250,000.00 currently.

      So maybe those pollsters were just rich Japanese. i.e. not typical young gamers.

      1. oh? maybe sharing something to help others like me to make a little more cash so we can get one. And if you say a job, I’m gonna smack you in some form because I have one and the rent and bills here are not cheap. I assure you, I’m in a very tough spot and might not get the switch on day one and that is going to hurt me in the long run.

  1. ||Even our homeworld is agains the price which is of course the biggest problem with the Switch since it was presented officially…||

    ||High Command has a higher chance of lowering the price if they listen to our main forces…||

        1. ||It’s about 2 years in development according to my current data intelligence…||

    1. It’s funny, those stupid analysts said that a good price would be between 249 to 299 to sell and if it were priced 349 it will be such a fail and now they (leakers included) are saying that it is a bad price?

      1. ||Analysists are nothing more than Titan enforcers trying to destabilise our world…||

        ||The creature Pachter is the only known Xbot analyser I’ve seen however…||

        1. Lots of these people said before the event that $245-299 would be a fair price point, now they say it is expensive…even Emily Rogers said the same.

          Personally i don’t have any issues with the prices of the console and peripherals.

    2. The Switch is indeed pricey but this price gives Nintendo some room for future price cuts, this will burn early adopters like us, Nintendo fans.It’s really hard being a Nintendo living in Brazil, there’s some people selling it for almost 800 USD T_T

      1. ||Well High Command obviously has that strategy, it separates the pawns from the elites like myself…||

        ||However, it will be worth it for you at the frontlines until the heavy weaponry arrives…||

        ||Brazil and other recently abandoned territories will depend on how Switch will do during this year…||

  2. Incredibly misleading title. He poll had under 2,800, randomly sampled Japanese players. 62% of these said it was too high. Your title makes it sound like it was a much larger, all encompassing poll. You also failed to balance it with the ‘alright’ statistics and you merged together two categories for high… If we do that with the other answers, we get 36/37% think the price is alright or of good value!

    1. I agree. The article is misleading. The survey didn’t really address weather the price was “too” high. If someone says a price is too high, to me that means the price is at a level that the person is not willing to pay for the product.

      If somebody said “I think it’s a little high.”, that sounds like the price is not ideal, but it won’t necessarily deter the person from buying the product.

      Based on the data, maybe 19.74% think the price is too high.

      1. ” You take a random sampling”

        No you don’t. Polling institutions are very careful with their sampling to insure they aren’t accidentally getting lopsided data. For example, a poll on could have 40,000 random people answering the poll, but the data would be utterly corrupted just by how they collected the sample.

        “and extrapolate.”

        Yes, and his objection was largely in how the data was extrapolated. You can phrase the same data different and get a wildly different headline..

        “2,800 is more than enough to do that.”

        Yes, but only if you have some idea of how those 2800 were collected. This is especially true in issues of money valuation. Ask 2800 college students and you have a completely different data pool than 2800 adults in their 50’s.

        1. Yes, you take a random sample. Always. You control for factors, but the sampling HAS to be a random subset of a population. What the population is is where the factoring comes in, and in this case, it should be a random sample of console gamers. The problem with this poll is that it ISN’T a random sample. It’s an internet poll taken by the website’s readers. Don’t take it too seriously; it’s a bad poll. You’re right, they fail to differentiate whether “a little high” is still affordable, but it’s not inaccurate to say the price is high because they answered that (“too high” is a stretch, as that depends on whether they’re willing to purchase at that price, which wasn’t asked).

          Surveys are manipulated this way all the time. These respondents also answered whether they plan on getting a Switch, so you can differentiate those that said a little high in price to see who of them actually plan on purchasing a Switch. They didn’t, however, ask if price is a reason they would or wouldn’t get the Switch, so it’s internally invalid anyway. There are also no demographic questions or even questions of whether they play games regularly, casually, etc. and what consoles they own, so they’re limited in how to manipulate the data.

          As to your last example, yes, that’s why surveyors ask about household income, college education, birth year, gender, etc. If they want a poll for just college students, they’ll target a random sample of 2,800 college students. If they want a large sample to see differences between students, graduates, age groups, etc., they’ll collect a random sample that includes all and do between-group analyses. It all depends on the research question.

    2. The title is fine. 62% think its very high or a little high in price.

      Average sample sizes are around 1000 adults. 2,800 is quite a thorough poll. I guess it’s unfortunate that the results don’t support your opinion.

      1. Could have been worded better. Those who think that it’s “a little high” might still find it more than affordable, whereas you’re less likely to see that from people who said it’s “too high.” The headline should have just been “62% believe the Switch’s price is high.” Minor difference, I know, but “too high” implies it’s a deal-breaker.

  3. Even 200 bucks would be high, considering sony sells a superior console (with 4 year old tech lol) for only 225.On top of that you get a way bigger game library with full third party support , a blu ray/dvd player, far superior online system with a way bigger community to play against. Things like twitch and netflix, cheaper controllers and such (still pretty expansive if you ask me). and possibly cheaper games aswell with far greater online offers (60% of this month for example on loads of great games). I bought mine a month ago and already own 11 amazing games (All rated 9’s and 10’s for what its worth) , for just 174 euro’s thats just 15 euro a game. I payed full price for battlefield 1 otherwise it would have even been far lower.

    The only way to compete with that is a stronger console with full support or a far cheaper one. This isn’t a real surprise though, considering the 3ds XL almost has the same price as a ps4 at 200 bucks vs 225.

    1. Yes, the PS4 is a stronger console than the Switch, but it’s not a stronger handheld than the Switch, and that is kind of the point. A lot of people forget the portability aspect. Portable technology is always more expensive than stationary technology with the same performance. If the Switch had the same specs as the PS4, it would still have to cost a lot more.

      1. Yeah, people are missing that point. Nintendo isn’t putting out a different system, not just the same system.

        Also, even if you made it “more powerful” the other two systems have such a large install base that developers wouldn’t develop more powerful games for a new system that is basically an outlier, they would wait till the other systems caught up and Nintendo would still be in a similar boat.

        You want people who already have a PS4/XB1 who passed on a WiiU to get this because it is fully portable and they sacrificed power for battery life among other things so the experience is as smooth as possible without being $600….

        Can’t wait

      2. Does it play Fallout, The Witcher, Dragon Age, Street Fighter 5, Metal Gear, Dark Souls series, Destiny, GTA 5, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Watch Dogs, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Borderlands and many more? cause that is kind of the point of a GAMING console right, beeing able to play actual games that are made?

            1. Yep, because noone ported them to the Switch. Of course the Switch could play all those games if someone actually ported them, but noone did. So really, what’s your point? What were you trying to show by listing all of those games?

              1. Could aint can , on top of that we don’t know the specs yet so even that ain’t certain. So far all I have seen a cartoon looking games and Remasterd skyrim wich is a previous gen game so that doesn’t mean much to me. Mario looks okish but not everything in that video does , and again it looks cartoonish so it doesn’t mean much to me atleast.

                1. I do know the specs. Not that they really matter too much. As already mentioned, Switch is not just a console, so of course it doesn’t have the power of the PS4. That aside, you can make pretty much any modern game run on any somewhat recent console with a few drawbacks if you just want to. It’s never about the “can you”, it’s always about the “do you” or “should you”, take it from a game programmer. And especially in the case of the Switch, the “should you” for most of those games is a simple “no”, because why should anyone port all of those games, that have already been released a good while ago on consoles with stronger GPUs, to the Switch? The market for that would be neglectably small, so there is just no point in doing that. Now look, on the other hand, at new games that have already been announced for the Switch. Dragon Quest XI is coming to the Switch and it’s also coming to the PS4, so that pretty much already proves that PS4 games can also run on the Switch if the developers wants that – no point in listing all of those titles. In game development, the question is never if something can run on something, the question is only if it makes sense for something to run on something (especially from a financial standpoint).

                  1. So according to you those games will get released when they make new entry’s , cause the switch can easily handle a new call of duty or witcher 4? Meaning the switch will have the same amount of third party as sony and microsoft with there own first party on top of it.

                    1. I’m not saying that. I’m just saying that it’s up to the developers themselves whether they bring those games to the Switch or not and that no technical limitations are preventing them from doing that. The Switch isn’t as powerful as the PS4 or Xbox One, yes, but most of the time, once you have ported your engine to the Switch, making a game run on there smoothly wouldn’t take much more than reducing the resolution, making some of the textures a little smaller and removing or reducing certain effects. It’s absolutely possible to make all of those games run on the Switch that way, the only real question is whether developers want to do that.

                  2. In my opinion if nintendo does things right they will , i doubt it costs that much money to do so specially if its a digital release on the Nintendo store.

                    btw with “Could ain’t can” I meant it could run those games but it doesn’t so that still means nothing.

                    Also incase you want to mention that people have to buy the switch before third party will release there stuff : Nintendo used to own the market so there still the ones to blame for allowing 65 million people move over to xbox and sony. If they did things right in the first place this would have never happend, and they wouldn’t need to focus on a new market at the cost of third party support.

                    1. Well, since I work in the industry, I of course know some of the numbers, and even ports can easily cost sums in the six or seven digits, so they’re not exactly cheap (although for a big company, that’s probably still no problem).

                      And as I already asked, what’s the point of brining those games to the Switch now? People already have their GTA5 and stuff on other consoles in a (probably) graphically superior version. From a financial standpoint, porting those games to the Switch wouldn’t make much sense aside from the novelty of playing those games on the go. Most people just already own those games. Even that aside, games like that are known not to sell to well on Nintendo systems. There is no point in porting games to the Switch that don’t fit there. The Switch is mostly relying on other games. The type of games hat suit it much better. And there are plenty of those coming up. Just take a look at this infographic:
                      And those are only the games that were already announced – that’s not even all of the games coming out. As we can see, there is a pretty solid mix of both old and new games coming to the Switch, includig some major titles from big publishers – but it’s the type of games that make sense on the Switch.

                  3. I wasn’t reffering to old games anymore in my last post but upcoming sequals from the mentiont games. I suppose Nintendo ain’t for me anymore altough I already knew that. Those games don’t intrest me at all besides a few, and I probally buy stuff like dragon quest on my ps4 anyway cause its supperior. Back in the Nes and Snes day’s I could play everyting I liked besides Sonic. Back than all triple A titles where released on a nintendo console but that’s no longer the case. Losing Rare was also a huge hit.

                    I just prefer to play all the triple A titles and Nintendo can’t offer that besides first party. I suppose the 3ds sales don’t lie and give them a good reason to take this route. But again things weren’t like this on the nes and snes for me the golden days of nintendo.

                    1. Fair enough – not every console is for every person and since you already have all the games you want on the PS4, you should be fine with just that. Though it’s barely Nintendo’s fault if developers don’t want to bring their games to the Switch. I think they’ve done their best to make Switch development as attractive as possible. I’d say now the system just has to sell well before more developers will get on board, though whatever the case, platform exclusives will always be a thing, for one or another reason, so really, if you want to able to play all the games in existence, you won’t get around owning multiple systems, anyways. That’s why I got a PS4 Pro just recently and why I will also get a Switch. The few games that won’t be coming to the Switch I can get for the PS4 and enjoy in nice 4K graphics (or 1080p @ 60 FPS for some games). All other games I will get for the Switch so that I can enjoy them on the go, even if in slightly more primitive graphics. That way I can get the best from both worlds.

        1. Sure, but what games you want to play is subjective. If I wanted to play JUST those games, I’d honestly just invest in a PC capable of doing so (I have no interest in those, so I don’t have a gaming PC). What separates consoles from PCs are exclusive titles. Yes, in an ideal world, you want the Switch to play those + their own, but I imagine it will have enough multiplat games (which couldn’t be said before) on top of their exclusives that it’ll be worth it. Also, it’s not necessarily important that they port those games over. It’s more important that they port future titles to the Switch. People who are interested in the Switch likely either don’t own other consoles, so don’t have an interest in those titles, or they already own them on another console and are looking for a secondary one. I doubt people who own a PS4/X1 and are looking to buy a Switch will trade in their other consoles, so they won’t need previously released titles on the Switch that they already own.

        2. @ sjaak zwart Dark Souls and Battlefield are rumored. Other titles will depend on the initial sales of the system. Fallout 4 no doubt depends on the sales of Skyrim for Switch. Here’s hoping, but Nintendo’s titles are my main draw (already own a PS4).

      3. I actually like that you made this good point +1. Now if only Nintendo can market the portable aspect of the console more instead of relying on their casual gimmicks (◔_◔)

        1. Well, I think they’re actually doing a decent job at this in their latest trailers. They often show people playing in the plane, on the bus or together with friends in a public place (like college). In the latest trailer they’ve even shown someone playing on the toilet. I think they’re getting the portibility aspect across.

          1. They’ve been more recent Switch trailers? If I haven’t seen it, then I can only imagine that it’s not reaching as much people as it should.

            1. Well, I don’t know. I’ve already randomly come across these trailers on Facebook, despite not even being subscribed to the Nintendo Switch Facebook page, haha.

              Anyways, these trailers are on their YouTube channels. I really like them so far. I think they will also be aired on TV eventually.

      1. well, I can get one for 265 with a game but still, he is using the lowest possible price…. the other BS in the argument is that you have a bigger online community, but of course you do… system has been very popular, has been out for a while. PS4 is great… why can’t we have different things. New is more expensive… just how it is

        1. A bigger online community is something I atleast will consider when buying games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Fifa. Nintendo could have had a bigger market if there online system didn’t suck so much specially during the WII and there friend code.

            1. They won’t cause they don’t have full third party support so nobody will buy it. I used to talk just like you 10 years ago, but believe me your just beeing ignorent. Anyway i’m done with this discussion I made my point, we will see 5 years from now who was right ;)

                  1. ah, nice cop-out.~

                    Fun fact: The remastered skyrim just came out for PS4 and xbox one, so you’re wrong on that.

                    The downgraded fifa was debunked by a developer, and we don’t even know the nba as it has yet to come out anywhere.

                    Try again, troll.~

                  1. it’s not really sad at all. Also it’s september. they’re making a remastered version for a portable console. And a lot of people want skyrim on the go. Keep making up excuses. you want third party, yet dismiss any that is given. A common troll tactic.~

                    1. and what do you define as “full third party?” they can’t get every third party game there is. You’re just dismissing a game that people have wanted on the go for a while. You’re done. Sit down.

                    2. Does it play Fallout, The Witcher, Dragon Age, Street Fighter 5, Metal Gear, Dark Souls series, Destiny, GTA 5, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Watch Dogs, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Borderlands and many more? cause that is kind of the point of a GAMING console right, beeing able to play actual games that are made?

                1. 80+ third party games is a cop out. Define “third party”. Are they counting indie? Something tells me they are. We don’t know because Nintendo and “third parties” wont tell us.

                  Skyrim is a 6 year old game already available for 5 other platforms. Not very compelling. Where’s DOOM, XCOM, Overwatch, Fallout 4, Rocket League, GTA V, MGS V, RE7, ME:A….etc…

                  1. I love this logic. When everyone else gets skryim, people cheer. When the Switch gets it.
                    “It’s a 6 year old game.”
                    Now THAT’S a cop-out. XD

                    But to answer your question, we don’t know what they will be. But judging by the updated release list, it looks rather promising.

              1. So just because you can’t find it, it has to mean that it doesn’t exist? No, it actually means you’re just not good at doing research, as you have already proven several times in the past.
                The PS4 is 222€ on Amazon Germany right now. Knowing how you’re not very good at looking up things, I’ll be kind enough to do the work for you.

    2. Very good point. But oopss, the 3DS sold 61,6 million units instead of 49,0 PS4 ones. So … There is room for all these markets pal. Put your PS4 under your arm and let’s play a game in the park. Hehehe Oops, you will not be able to. Do you see the bullshit of your comparisons?

      1. Does it play Fallout, The Witcher, Dragon Age, Street Fighter 5, Metal Gear, Dark Souls series, Destiny, GTA 5, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Watch Dogs, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Borderlands and many more? cause that is kind of the point of a GAMING console right, beeing able to play actual games that are made?

        1. You jehovas witness? Cuz here you are, knocking on nintendo fans doors, telling us to believe in the PC wannabe god. You’re not converting anyone, you’re not superior here. Nobody will give a shit about what you said ”5 years ago” lol fag. is this what you do so you can sleep at night?

          Also it does play the dark souls series, probably all those games except for BF1 and Destiny. But holy shit. if you like destiny then there’s something wrong with you. Also you alredy wrote this in this article. How much attention do you need?

    3. Another way to compete is to release a portable console that can play Nintendo games. (For me and most other westerners though, a strong console that can play Nintendo games would be even better.)

  4. I think people that said it’s high is not concidering the fact that they don’t have to buy 2 seperate consoles to play all the nintendo games. If we consider it as a home console only it’s high but if we consider it as two consoles bundled as one it has a reasonable price.

  5. The price is a little high. The accessory prices are pretty high. The person responsible for not putting headphone jacks in the joycon grip nor the pro controller was extremely high.

      1. It seems that your only “friends” are on a Nintendo blog. So a headset jack not on the controller doesn’t matter much to you.

        The jack on the console is for mobile use. For @ home gaming, where I’ll be using the Switch 99% of the time, its useless. I have a nice entertainment setup, its basically a 7.2 Surround with a 65″ TV. Am I supposed to sit 2ft away from my TV? Or find a headset with a 10ft cable?

        Nintendo only gaming has made you ignorant.

        Go play with your Amiibo dolls or somethiing. Maybe that will cheer ya up.

        1. Aww, that first part was cute. Truly shows your maturity.~

          And question, why do you need a headset when you have a surround system?

          And assuming I only play Nintendo. So have you been watching me play games in my dorm? If you have, you’d see I’ve been playing a lot of Half-Life.

          Keep trying, troll. You’ll think of something clever eventually.~

          1. The headset is to communicate with friends. Didn’t know you could do that? You really don’t have any do you? That is a little sad actually. I didn’t know. No wonder you are always whining and throwing temper tantrums on here though. You just need a real friend. I cant be your friend but I can guarantee you that quadraxis fella will be your friend..

            1. it’s so adorable how you have to personally attack me to make yourself feel big (though fail miserably.)~

              And that’s what the free app is for on your phone.~

              Keep trying. :)

              1. Like I said before. Stop setting yourself up to be knocked down. Just stfu lol. I’m not trying to attack you, you are just so ignorant and i’m trying to educate you, that’s all. There is a lesson to be learned. I hope you learn it this time.


                Stop calling me cute and adorable. I’m not interested in your flirts. Im not gay, not that there is anything wrong with being gay, I’m just not. ok?

        2. Then plug in your headphones and communicate through the Switch app. I imagine that’s what it’s for. Not that I think it’s the right choice, but it’s not like you CAN’T communicate with others while docked. Not to mention the people I game with are actual friends and not “gaming friends” so I could always just use Discord or call them if necessary, which I actually prefer over console communication.

  6. This thing was obviously designed for Japanese culture, lifestyles and social systems.
    I carry my 3DS with me every day, and rarely get a hit. I drive 2 hours every day, travel to a big city and only get a streetpass hit once in a while.

    I walk my dog every day, I visit 2-3 different parks a week, I never see people gaming at a park or anywhere. (I do, but I don’t see anyone else doing it)

    If switch is putting all it’s eggs in the portable basket, I don’t think it’s going to do well in the west. People that want to game in bed? I can do that (and do, and will continue to) with my WiiU.

    Nintendo, and it’s Switch are not designed for western lifestyles, and I think once that becomes clear, people will stop acting like it’s going to sell gangbusters just because they are so damned Nintendo-centric. Nintendo let’s it’s fans down. over and over. There is always fresh meat for the grinder, but the gamers from years past, those of us with disposable income – more and more are not supporting Nintendo with our wallet anymore. (some are, but many of us have quit)

    I’m buying Zelda for WiiU. And if Nintendo doesn’t give me a damn good reason to buy a Switch this year, I’m skipping Switch and moving on. Nintendo doesn’t want my money. Nintendo doesn’t need my money (apparently.) So no loss to them. I’ll keep my N3DS since it’s still getting a ton of support and it’s the most fun handheld with the biggest library on earth.

      1. It crashed and burned and was almost dead in 6 months. Don’t you remember hearing the sirens and watching Nintendo shock the thing back to life? That trick didn’t work for the WiiU. And it should be a Backup plan, not their plan”A” for every hardware launch.

        1. and look at it now. it’s the most selling 8th gen console. So your statement still makes no sense. Also, the wiiu has nothing to do with this as that wasn’t a portable console. Again, you’re not making any sense and just saying unrelated things.

          1. It’s going to have a big launch. Every console does (except the 3DS) So I guess we’ll see what’s what by the end of the year. See if people want next gen consoles this coming holidays, or want a handheld Switch experience. If Nintendo drops the switch to $200 -$250 by the holidays… I suppose a few will get both.

        2. I don’t know if you noticed but big games are already announced for Switch with more to likely come at E3.

            1. Zelda, Mario Kart 8 (the vast majority did not buy a Wii U), Splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2, and Super Mario Odyssey. Although I’m not sure if it would really be “big” I’ve seen plenty of people making a big deal about having Skyrim to play anywhere you want. That’s not even 2018 yet.

        3. They didn’t even try to do that with Wii U. They saved the 3DS at the expense of the Wii U. They must have realized that they couldn’t support 2 platforms anymore. That’s why we’re seeing the Switch.

    1. The 3DS still did very well in the west though and this looks to be getting the same type of games. Seriously, all they need to announce is Pokémon. Also, maybe more people are like me and only take their 3DS with them on big trips and not their day to day activities. I always get a ton of hits in Orlando.

          1. I generally don’t go to McDonald’s, but I’m desperate to finish my 3D puzzles! I’ll give it a shot. Thanks

            1. A shame the Streetpass games have you trapped. I gave up on that shit a few months back since the only place I can go for Streetpass is a McDonald’s but for only 5 streetpasses, it’s not worth it since those McDonald’s are 10 miles or more away & I only go to those places that have them once or twice a month. Maybe if gas was 100% free or we had a nice railroad system like the one in Japan, this wouldn’t be an issue.

  7. I myself was expecting $250 but the $300 would have been easier to swallow if it had a pack in game or at least if the accessories were not that expensive. I think that’s what most people have a problem with, how expensive the accessories are. If if the Joy Con have tech that might be worth the money, it doesn’t mean it’s affordable.

  8. If it came with a pack in game $300 would be perfect. At its current offering $250 would’ve been better

  9. 300 for only 32Gb and no save on the game cards, and no game. Want more space, buy it. Want extra controllers? Buy at a high price. Nintendo is overcharging for it and accessories.

    Then Nintendo says it can’t do better or it’ll be more money? Really? The other two seem OK with selling cheaper and with more included. Why is Nintendo lost and confused on this?

    1. Agreed, I’d have no issues with the console price if it packed in two extra Joy-Cons or a pro controller. The accessories are high. I’ve spent over $600 in my preorders for games, extra Joy-Cons/grip, and the console itself. And that’s NOT including the pro controller that I can’t even find since they sold out in an instant. I have no issue with the $300 console price. $80 for Joy-Cons AND an extra $30 for the charging grip ($15 for third party regular grips), as well as $70 for a pro controller is ****ing ridiculous. I plan on buying a second dock, but haven’t, because it’s all so damn expensive already, and $90 is ABSURD. Two Joy-Cons, a dock, and a tablet are $300; the extra Joy-Cons + grip and dock are $185-$200 separately.

  10. I don’t think that price is the only issue switch has. If it was the ONLY issue, I would probably buy it. I want to know how much online is. I don’t like the idea of being tethered to a phone. With storage a game and a second charging option, it gets a lot more expensive… so I think there is a lot more to it than a $300 vanilla console price tag.

    Like I said, I’m going to build a bridge and get over Zelda getting fucked over for WiiU owners, enjoy the game on WiiU, play MK8 and Splatoon on WiiU (hopefully the hardcore players will migrate to Switch, making it easier on me Haha)
    And then I wait.
    For price drops. For games. For whatever is going to happen, and see what’s what by this time next year.

    There are a lot of 3rd party games I am looking forward to and X and Zelda U. I’m all set to sit and wait.

  11. I can’t understand people who isn’t interested on the Switch and keep complaining about it, you don’t like keep it to yourselves, these complaints make me wonder if you have something to do.
    Yeah, it’s expensive but it’s an all new experience and hardware. I’m sure these complaining about price doesn’t understand how technological improvements work, a system that powerfull in such formfactor I bet Sony and Microsoft would charge much more and theirs drones should buy without a question as Apple fans does.
    The only thing I miss is a pack in game, like 1-2 Switch which is a budget game.

    1. I think the amount of complaining could be because of the fact that when someone raises a fair complaint, that is important to them (like the idea that Nintendo should focus on making a high spec console, like Sony and Microsoft, or that a lot of the 3rd party games they are interested in might not be ported to the Switch, or the lack of a headphone jack in the controller), they are immediately attacked and insulted by someone, which makes them feel they have to defend their opinions.

    2. When I stop complaining, it means I’m dead, or I have completely given up on Nintendo and no longer what happens to them of my fellow Nintendo fans. But I have not reached 100% “Fuck it.” – I’ve come really close though, a couple times.

      When XBox 1 was announced, the fans were outraged, I shit you not they were going to lose a ton of gamers to Sony. But MS listened, and made changes to keep their fans. I’m not saying this makes them a great company, but it did keep the gamers from leaving.

      Part of me hopes to add to the ripple of discontent with their decisions, create a voice just loud enough maybe Nintendo will hear it.
      If not, then to insight some small bit of rebellion to upset a few sales, if Nintendo won’t listen with their ears… maybe they will listen when their stockholders complain business isn’t good enough.

      It’s all a long shot, but if I didn’t give a shit about Nintendo, I wouldn’t even be here.

      Then there are people who just want to look superior and Nintendo is an easy target for those trolls.

  12. I think $300 is completely reasonable. It’s the price of all the accessories that are overpriced.

  13. Maybe if the accessories weren’t so expensive, maybe if we didn’t have to buy more data storage right out of the damn gate before the console is even out because Nintendo once again thought 32gb was a GREAT idea in the digital age of video games, maybe if online shit wasn’t possibly tied & usable ONLY through smartphones, maybe if online didn’t cost money, maybe, just maybe, so many people wouldn’t be bitching about the price of the Switch right now. 300 bucks wouldn’t be such a bad price if all of these weren’t factors. :/

  14. Before the “event” i said that the Switch needed to be 300 with a game, and 250 without one.
    And i get the feeling after the initial fans who are gung ho about it get theirs, the sales will slow dramatically, and Nintendo will have to include a game (not 1 2 switch!!! i am fucking sick of shit like that game) with the Switch or drop the price.
    The sales they are getting now are from the die hards and folks with money to burn who were going to buy it no matter what.
    If i am spending 300 bucks, i expect a game.. even if the game in question is just a download of a gamecube game or something, they gotta include something.
    Either way, something will need done to keep selling these.

  15. No shit. They could have easily shaved off $50 if they removed unnecessary junk like HD rumble, motion controls, 2 player joy cons (with the shoulder buttons) and IR gesture reader . Let me know if I’m missing anything.

  16. Nintendo should stop trying to tell us why their price is fair and begin controlling the prices people have to pay in Latin America, I have no problem paying 300 USD (About 6000 MXN), but retailers are talking about 9000 MXN (Over 450 USD), it’s insane we have to put up with such prices just because Nintendo of America is more interested in censoring tits than in enforcing their pricing.

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