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UK Retailers Give Their Opinions On Nintendo Switch And Its Price

We now know the final pricing and release date for the Nintendo Switch in the United Kingdom, but what do the retailers think about it? Well, trade publication MCV managed to interview some key figures from leading video game retailers and ask them what they think to the pricing (which was higher than many expected) and how well they believe the next generation console from Nintendo will fare when it launches on March 3rd for £280.

“Although the Day One slate is thin, the titles to come over the quarter should make up for this. The price point is a little higher than expected, although I don’t see this affecting sales on launch. Further down the line this will need to come down if they are to attract the masses.”

– Robert Lindsay, the managing director of Scottish indie chain Games Centre.

“It’s really exciting – we are all looking forward to the launch of the Nintendo Switch here at GameSeek and not only myself but many staff members will be purchasing one. We all grew up playing Nintendo and eagerly look forward to playing this latest consoleSadly, though, I believe the price is too expensive. It should have been £199.99. Nintendo had an amazing chance here to get off to a great start but I think £279 is too high.

“When we priced the Switch on our website for pre-order we did so at £198.50. We sold nearly a thousand units. Good news to our customers though, for everyone that pre-ordered it at £198.50 we are going to honour all orders quite simply because I am extremely passionate about the video game industry and believe the customers deserved this at the £200 mark.”

– GameSeek managing director Stephen Staley

“I’m really excited by what I’ve seen,” Fethers told MCV. “Nintendo and its partners have gone for quality over quantity for its announcements. It’s a Day One purchase for me. It justifies its price point through the portable element. Everything feels great in the hand and you know a lot of effort has gone into it.”

– The Hut Group games and tech boss Mike Fethers

“It’s always exciting when new hardware is announced but I think Nintendo have pitched the Switch very well. It was so important to deliver something distinct, innovative and unique, and they’ve definitely hooked into the things that gamers want from their next Nintendo experience. Sensibly priced and armed with a solid range of titles to support it too, this is definitely a launch to get excited about.”

– Dan Long of merchandise firm Insert Coin



  1. I think the price is fine, $300 USD and not being bundled with a game is not a big deal as it’s the only Nintendo home console that doesn’t come bundled with a game at launch so I don’t get why people are crying when both the ps4 and xbone did not come bundled with a game at launch, notice I said launch, also noticed I said home console.

    1. Their crying about it because the ps4 and Xbox offer more power at the same price with a game bundled in regardless of Wt the price was at launch the reality is what’s happening now not wt happened a couple years back.If it’s marketed as a home console it’s going to be compared to home consoles. The only way people would not complain for its price at this point was if it had the same or better power. I wish Nintendo would have marketed this as a handheld to avoid that problem but oh well. In either case I believe people are justified in complaining especially given the lack of information Nintendo has provided.

      1. I was not sure about n64 not having a game bundled at launch so I did not mention it. Switch is a home and portable hybrid and for the tech and specs it is priced at a somewhat correct price, you can’t have a portable console (or home and portable hybrid) with Scorpio specs because battery life will suffer. Besides if that can be possible then the price of the console would cost more.

    2. The Nintendo 64 didn’t come with a launch game either. $300 is a bit pricey in relation to the competition, but, they’ll have no trouble selling out at launch, and can certainly drop the price later in the year.

  2. How come I’ve only heard of one of these leading retailers? Oh well. I might get a Switch from Gameseek once we hear more about the online programme.

  3. I think 300$ is a great price, there is a rediculous amount of technology in this thing, and as a portable device its graphical capabilities is unprecedentedly high! That and the amazing games coming out this year, i’m already sure this will be one of my best gaming years ever! Also they have room to lower the price for a holiday sale, or bundle a game.

  4. To he honest I estimated the manufacturing cost to be around £125-£175 knowing there is no optical drive, smaller fan,custom GPU sell at lost from Nvidia . selling the @ £280 seems high for customers point of view but giving the failure of the wii u and the lost of profit during the last 3 years. Nintendo didn’t have much choice if we look at it.

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