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Nintendo Confirms That The Switch Comes With No Pre-Installed Software

While this was assumed to be the case after the Switch presentation, Nintendo has now confirmed that their upcoming console comes with no pre-installed software. This is certainly a bold move, many gamers hoping that 1-2-Switch may come with the system. However, this is not the case.


    1. Ironically, WiiU says, “You’re welcome.” If they hadn’t been in development 3 years, with a 4th to prep it for Switch… I can’t even say how badly things would be going.

    2. I wouldn’t say the launch is THAT important to the success of the console. Just look at the absolutely abysmal launch of the 3DS, and how that console quickly achieved popularity when it got a price drop and good games. I want to think Nintendo is smarter now. $250 was surely too much for a 3DS, but $300 is just right for the Switch I’d say, as it’s both a home console and portable system. Launching the Switch with a huge title (Zelda) for the primary market for the console, a revival of a series a few people have been clamoring for (Bomberman R), a party game meant to show off the capabilities of the console (1, 2 Switch), and a couple third party titles that are most likely testing the waters for the Switch (not to mention the decent-sized group of great or even classic indie games)— I’d say Nintendo has a good start for the Switch (much better than the 3DS).

      I will say the Switch launch would’ve been on roughly the same level as the 3DS launch had Zelda not been available on the Switch, but the difference is how the months after launch look with Mario Kart the next month, a new IP in spring, Splatoon 2 in the summer, and a highly anticipated Mario title for winter (and I seem to remember 3D Land wasn’t that anticipated because it looked like 2D Mario but 3D, but 3D Land still sold very well).

      Notice I haven’t compared it to the Wii U, but that’s only because the Wii U had such a long series of mishaps behind it that it’s relative financial failure wasn’t that surprising. I don’t see anywhere near as many mishaps happening with the Switch. Already, Nintendo has given the console a catchy name, already started some marketing, and has a fantastic marketing opportunity for the SuperBowl if they so choose to use it. Now they just need to keep their games steady for the remainder of the console’s life, and I’m sure it will be a success.

      1. People also forget now how horrible launch was for Ps4 and XBone and how for almost two years almost all games coming to them were either remastered ports for last gen or games that were made for that last gen and then upgraded a little bit for the new one, yet the Switch having enhanced Wii U ports and a Zelda made for Wii U it’s proof that it’s DOA.

      2. I would almost say it is worth 300 even if it wasn’t also a home console… it is a handheld beast of a machine from the looks of it and if that isn’t worth 300 bones, i don’t know what is. The fact that you can play it on your TV as well is just icing on the cake.

        ALSO like that I can buy another dock so I can move the switch around to different TVs in my house if I felt like it… Very cool…

          1. You know what, I’d rather pay for another dock instead of a new system…80 buck is a little high for you average person but waaaaaaay hell cheaper than a new system just to play with family online with random people.

  1. Not surprised… should be packaged with a game though… whiffed on not having 1-2 Switch a bundle launch title. Might change by holiday though… Mario bundle, Zelda Bundle and maybe one other would be a nice addition

    1. Rather then include 1-2 worst game ive seen in a long long time. I think they should have included some Nintendo made VC titles. Maybe give early supporters a choice of say 5 VC titles. It would at least give people something to play.

      1. To be fair, we only saw a slice of that game and it seems it is more of a game of interaction than something you can see (something people or families do together, etc) but nonetheless, the point being is that it is a game that showcases the console, like Nintendo Land and Wii Sports before it, so in that sense, and because it is a game that people have said might not be worth $50, then to bundle it makes sense…

        The VC titles would be nice too

  2. after paying that much for the console alone they should at least give you something to be like good job on putting a car payment down for our new console

    1. If I buy something from you, what are going to give me for free? Will I get something worth close to one fourth of what I paid for your product. This is what these statements are saying when you say you should get something free for buying something that you want.

      1. True, but if you are going to defy common practice marketing, then prepare for some blow back. They have to keep doing things different, then they have to expect some resistance. Also, more and more, I can see how this is going to be huge in Japan.

        Whether it explodes in the west is yet to be seen. I’m not even sure Nintendo cares. Or needs to care.

        1. Can you imagine the backlash if 1 2 switch was bundled with the system making it 350 dollars instead of 300 dollars? That’s the difference. A bundle is higher price for a new system.

          1. IDK man… Nintendo prepped people for it to be expensive. They said it would be…
            I think I should have included a controller that would charge the Joycons, 1,2 switch, slapped a $399 price on it and be done. People would have had one thing to complain about instead of a half dozen.

            Plus, we have an rumor that there is room for a price drop. I know they didn’t want to burn that card early, but they can’t straddle both sides of this fence.

            I’d go so far as to say they could have had a deluxe bundle with 64gig internal, Zelda, 1,2 switch, pro controller for $499. People could buy it, and not have to spend money until Splatoon came out.

            It’s about convenience and perception. But I guess we’ll never know.

            1. Actually some stores have bundles like that. It is a choice then. I think 1 2 switch is a great game but not a game for me so that would have been a waste of money for me. I won’t buy a pro controller so that would be a waste for me. Added cost to a product I don’t have control of is a waste for me. I want to buy the game I want or if I want to just buy the system and wait to buy a game I want. People are going to complain anyway. They did it with xbox one and they did it with PS4 with Dualshock 4 light always on. People want it to be cheap but you have to not include items to make it cheap and make a profit.

          2. People are already going to spend $4-500 at launch anyway. They just don’t all realize it yet.

            1. I’m only spending 300. I’ll get games later. I can get games now but I’ll wait. I will pre-order systems but I never pre-order games. Games will be stocked. Systems that can be another story.

  3. Watch, it doesn’t even come with an operating system. You boot it up and it just shows a plain blue screen with a blinking underscore.


    1. You get the operating system in a summer update. Just be happy looking at it you entitled igneramous! Some people expect something you can use out of the box… fools!

        1. well I’d rather buy seperate anyways…I mean have you seen what they are bundling at gamestop of their own free will?


          I mean your really just paying for the game by 50 more dollars if you go for the normal…not to mention going for the master or special editions like this baby beauty right here.

          Yeah so you going to basically pay 350 or higher anyways so make a choice if you want one day one.

          1. thats why im waiting until they put a bundle. I think how poor 1 2 switch will preform they will have a bundle by may/june

      1. Because most home consoles these days do not come with prepackaged software. The Wii was an exception, because Nintendo had to show people how it could be used. Don’t get me wrong, there will be bundles after the initial release, but nothing with the initial release of the switch just isn’t really an issue.

        1. I dont have a lot of money to spend on the switch. when it comes out i will have just barley enough for it and i cant buy a game with it so if i buy it day one its useless to me. If you have the money then yes its nonissue but for me its a pretty big one. Also then the switch isnt really 300$ its more 400$ (including game) at least the 3ds has face raiders when it came out so i played that for a while then bought a game.

          1. You’re approaching this from a personal standpoint, I’m approaching it from an industry standard standpoint. Your, or my, ability to afford both the console and games is irrelevant to the statement that it “doesn’t come bundled with any games”. What you’ve stated, in your last reply, is that they owe you something just for buying the console, which they don’t. This is why I said it is a non-issue, because other HOME CONSOLES do not usually launch with any games included. Not saying that it wouldn’t be great if it did, its just not a big deal.

  4. If I could have got the black 32GB WiiU without Nintendoland at launch for a cheaper price I would have. Im glad they aren’t including something that might raise the price that I dont necessarily need. However am worried that there are only a handful of games announced for 2017 that I actually want to play. Zelda, Splatoon 2, Mario… crossing fingers for Xenoblade 2 this year. Maybe more announcements? I’m skipping Pikmin 3DS until I know for sure it’s not going to be released on Switch.

  5. That’s a slight issue. 1,2, Switch should have come with the Switch. The Switch could have been the same price and more people would be willing to buy one. Once the install base is there, whatever they lose from the System at Launch, could have been recouped by their big hiting Software.

    1. At least for the western countries where 1, 2 Switch isn’t perceived well. Then at a later time they can exclude the game and put the console at 249 (when they will want to slash console’s price, perhaps in fall 2017).

  6. I like the console (very much) but price is a bit high, at 249 would have been perfect. At 299 a bundle should be expected.
    Anyhow it does interest me a lot so I plan to buy it, maybe with Zelda or Mario Kart.
    Lineup seems very good for 2017: Zelda, Mario Odissey, Mario Kart, just wow. Splatoon is good too (not that much interested on it for now). Don’t know about Arms but has something good on it, will see.
    I hope third parties gets on the platform as soon as possible, the perception of the system can be even better to some people this way.

    In comparison to the Wii U this time they have done everything right:

    1. Nice name.
    2. Non-clunky gamepad.
    3. Very good lineup.
    4. Motion controls in.
    5. Pleasant aesthetics.
    6. True portability (even if 3 hours aren’t much it’s still good, hope battery can be charged on the go with an external battery).
    7. Super Mario 64 heir (finally! It took that long!).
    8. A big game at launch, and another two one month later.
    9. A decent screen (finally, both Wii U and 3DS screens weren’t good).
    10. Versatility, versatility, versatility. You can really play like you want with the Joy-Cons, best (r)evolution, ‘Wiimotes’ tuned really well. Biggest achievement of the console for me.

    I don’t really know how people can’t be excited. This should be Nintendo’s best console ever. I’m excited and my true last excitement was the Nintendo 64 followed by ‘PS2’ (that was a big jump in graphics)… but then just mediocrity from all console makers.

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