Super Mario Run Update Available Which Adds Easy Mode

Nintendo has released a brand new update today for its popular mobile title Super Mario Run. The game now has an easy mode for people to choose if they find the platforming antics too challenging. You can read the full patch notes for version 1.1.0, below.

  • Adds Easy Mode, which allows unlimited time and bubbles;
  • Implemented new event;
  • Added Korean language support;
  • Reduced the number of Toads lost after losing Toad Rally. Toads are now easier to collect;
  • Removed limit on number of times the “Toad” My Nintendo reward can be received to resolve the issue where Toad cannot be received again if, after already having already received the reward, user data is deleted;
  • Fixed other issues.



  1. The game already has three levels of coin-collecting difficulty, not to mention the easiest mode of all, which is just beating the level. Did it really need an even easier mode?

  2. Cool, my younger brother was getting really annoyed everytime he played the game on my phone. Doesn’t do much for me personally tho.

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