Indie Game Releases Its Soundtrack On The NES

While it looks like the planned Wii U version of Alwa’s Awakening is cancelled, some of the team’s work is technically still coming to a Nintendo platform. To celebrate the indie game’s release on Steam, the developers are releasing a limited run of the game’s soundtrack on NES cartridges. It’s certainly a unique idea, the cartridge literally plugging into an NES system to play the game’s chiptune music.

lwa’s Awakening Collector’s Edition

+ Comes on a black NES cartridge
+ 24 original chipmusic tracks composed by Robert Kreese
+ Features one guest track by Prof. Sakamoto
+ Works both on NTSC and PAL machines
+ Change track, pause and navigate using a NES controller
+ A 30 page full-color manual
+ Comes with a digital Steam code to Alwa’s Awakening

The soundtrack is available right now on YouTube and a Spotify release will follow later.




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