Video: Here’s The Mario Sports Superstars ‘Hole In One’ Trailer

Mario Sports Superstars is due to be released next month so naturally the marketing campaign is rolling straight ahead. The team over at Nintendo UK have produced another trailer this time highlighting the golfing aspect of the game. There’s five sports in total included within the nifty package including tennis, soccer, baseball, and horse racing. Mario Sports Superstars is due to be released on March 10th on Nintendo 3DS.


  1. If this game has a campaign, or an achievement system, or any other incentive to play. it could be reaaly good. But if it’s just for matches, then meh.

  2. Eh, I didn’t really care much for Mario Sports after the gamecube era. There’s not much that differentiates them from past titles that makes me want to get the newer ones.

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