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Rebellion Says That The Switch “Certainly Brings Some Fascinating Options To The Table”

There hasn’t been much from the team at Rebellion since the Nintendo Switch was announced, but that has now changed. This is due to an interview that WCCFTech did with Rebellion’s technical department. However, when the Switch was eventually brought up, they didn’t reveal much.

What Rebellion’s technical department did say was that “it’s always exciting to see a new console and of course a new Nintendo console. The Switch certainly brings some fascinating options to the table – I know our Co-founder Chris Kingsley said he likes how flexible the controllers are. Currently, we’ve only announced Sniper Elite 4 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and we’ve got nothing more to announce at the moment.”



  1. Stay away from our precious Switch as far as you can, you crap company! We don’t want any of your shitty games in our collection!

    1. “Here is a late port with removed features for 60 squids, what could go wrong?”

      I bought it off a bargain bin.

  2. Dear people getting pissy about a game that was in development way before the Switch,
    Rebellion will no doubt be porting Sniper Elite 4 to the Nintendo Switch at a later date, but for now they are currently focusing their attention on the other platforms.

    Snake Pass has been in development for a while and then porting their game to Switch was during the development as they still have no release date as of yet other than “Q2 2017” which could be pushed back at any time.

    So please, stop whining and just let them know if you’d wish to have a game from them in the future for the Switch.

    A Gamer who supports 3rd Parties on Switch.

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