Nintendo Switch

AUS: Images Show Nintendo Switch Games Are Starting To Arrive At Retail

Physical copies of Nintendo Switch software are starting to appear in retailers ready for the big day on March 3rd. An unnamed employee at a retailer in Australia has kindly snapped a shot of the box and either side of the game cartridge for Super Bomberman R;  giving us a better insight to what the behind of the cartridge looks like. The imagery inside the sleeve is a nice touch. Check out the images below:




  1. ||A new power is rising, its victory is at hand…||

    ||This time, the lands will be stained by blood of Xbots…||

    ||March to their bases, leave none alive…||

    ||TO WAR||

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      1. Yeah mine didnt have it either, and the last game I bought was DQ8, and that one didnt have one either.

        Man, you really made me second guess myself 😂


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