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Video: GameXplain Receives Nintendo Switch, Zelda Breath Of The Wild Amiibo And A Bunch Of Accessories

GameXplain have recently received a Nintendo Switch console and a box load of amiibo in the post. You can see in the video below  a closer look at the bespoke range of the toys-to-life figures for Zelda Breath Of The Wild along with some official accessories for the new console. Included in the parcel is a Joy-Con Grip Charge, Pro Controller, and a Carrying Case, as well as Zelda amiibo like The Guardian, Rider, Archer, and more.

Check it out for yourself below:



    1. I totally thought it was another guy that is always in Nintendo video discussions. He has dark hair, darkish skin, with glasses and now I’m totally lost as to who that is. Im also glad I at least have a face to put to Andre’s voice now though! 😂

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