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Video: New Japanese Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Contains A Substantial Reveal (Potential Spoiler Ahead)

Nintendo Of Japan have recently uploaded a new video to their social media channels and in doing so have revealed something that’s not commonplace in the Zelda universe as we know it. The following should be treated as a spoiler for fans not wanting to see what likely could tarnish an important aspect of Zelda Breath Of The Wild. I’ve included the photo from Nintendo Of America’s Tweet below the trailer:

As you can see there’s a huge dragon soaring through the sky. It’s not clear if this is an enemy or an ally but if past Zelda titles have taught me anything then it’s most likely going to hurt you looking like that.

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      1. I appreciate your legitimate spoiler post, and burying the post in the article. Other pages could learn from this…

        That said, when you said Japanese sites had posted about it, I figured it was the thing that had already been spoiled for me. It makes me wonder, and yet hope, that “Oh.. OK wwow so a ton about this game has been revealed.. what’s left?”

        And then I remember, there’s bound to be entire features, concepts, areas, etc. that we haven’t even gotten a hint of. Fingers crossed.

        1. I write the spoiler articles in a way in which I’d like them to be read if I didn’t actually want to know what the spoiler is – if that makes sense!

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