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Mystery Switch Game Confirmed As Project Mekuru

During the Nintendo Switch trailer, we got a glimpse of a title that appeared to include Nintendo’s Miis, but the name of the game was undisclosed.

Whilst the official name still hasn’t been revealed, the game in development has been revealed as ‘Project Mekuru’. The title will be developed by Over Fence in Japan and features a four-player battle mode with stages composed of tiles and obstacles.

The game requires you to pound the ground in order to flip the surrounding tiles to turn them into your colour, but if you land on another players freshly colour flipped area, it will send you off the edge of the stage.


There isn’t much more information surrounding this Switch title just yet, but we will keep you posted.


Thanks, Christopher

5 thoughts on “Mystery Switch Game Confirmed As Project Mekuru”

  1. It has a Wii party vibe about it, and it feels a little lack luster with this description. I’m honestly curious how this turns out

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