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Niantic Says Three Major Updates Coming To Pokémon GO In 2017

Niantic CEO John Hanke has spoken at a keynote in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress and informed the audience that the popular Pokémon GO mobile application will be getting three major updates this year. Hanke wouldn’t reveal what new experiences the update would bring, but he has previously said that trading and a player vs. player battle system would be coming to Pokemon Go soon. BGR speculates that the three updates will include Pokemon trading, PvP battles and a revamped gym system.



  1. Is anyone receiving updates about their Nintendo Switch’s being shipped? I was notified today that all the accessories I ordered were shipped today.

  2. I would absolutely love McDonald’s to be a part of numerous other PokéStops. Me and my family go to McDonald’s very frequently for cheap food from the dollar menu. I could stop by every single day to gain more Pokéballs and other items.

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