Nintendo Tweets Snippets Of Detail From The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild GDC Panel

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild GDC panel is now taking place, and to keep us in the loop, Nintendo have been Tweeting small snippets of information as it happens.

The Breath of The Wild development team are in attendance, and we should have some more details on their talks soon. Here’s the recent Tweets live from the developer’s conference:



    1. What came to my mind when I saw that image was “Zelda Maker”, *that* would be interesting^^

  1. Did you notice that each heart line has 15 hearts???? That means the total-without food boosts- amounts to 30!

  2. They tweet other screenshots, with early concepts and ideas. In one of them you can see hipster Link and Ganondorf with a Metallica shirt, I’m not kidding, Is simply amazing!!!

  3. Oh and also, amazingly enough, Nintendo tweeted that that Zelda 2D Prototype you see…
    Is actually in 3D and uses Breath of the Wild “chemistry” and “physics” engine, where it’s all fitted in the 2D prototype to the full main game!

    Woah Technology! (is a meme by yandere-dev btw)
    Couldn’t help but say that haha…but seriously, I’m really
    blown and amazed at what ingenious game-design went into this! ^-^

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