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Yacht Club Games Reveals New Shovel Knight Amiibo Functionality

The Shovel Knight amiibo, which was the first amiibo from an indie developer, has been pretty useful so far. It has unlocked things such as customisable characters, extra relics, new stages, and co-op mode. With the soon-to-be-released Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment your amiibo will bring even more functionality. The team at Yacht Club Games have announced Madame Meeber, summoner of fairies and fun.

“This affable conjurer can be found in the Village, Potionarium, and even the Tower of Fate! If you speak with her and scan your Shovel Knight amiibo, she will summon a flying friend for you: the Fairy of Shovelry!!”

“The Fairy of Shovelry will accompany Shovel Knight, Plague Knight, or even Specter Knight on their respective adventures! Whether the little scamp is digging for treasure, trying to battle enemies, or cheering along with your victories, he is guaranteed to be delightful. Don’t worry, he won’t get in your way or mess with your gameplay! But things sure are less lonely with the Fairy of Shovelry around!”


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