Bye-Bye BoxBoy! Potentially Confirmed For 23rd March On Nintendo UK Website

Although the page link gives a 404 error when clicked, earlier today the Nintendo UK website listed Bye-Bye BoxBoy for the 3DS on their website with a release date of 23rd March.

boxboy screen.png

The title was released in Japan under the name Goodbye BoxBoy! and is the latest iteration in the BoxBoy series. It’s also worth noting that when the title was originally released over in Japan, an exclusive Qbby amiibo was launched along side it. If the title does get released in the West, we may hopefully get the accompanying amiibo too.

As the title hasn’t been officially announced for release in Europe despite it’s listing, this information isn’t set in stone just yet. We’ll keep you posted with any updates.

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  1. Give us f@cking 3d partys games already Dark souls 3 – Final fantasy and all 3D partys ps4 and xbox one get like a normal console !!
    or kill the f@cking 3ds and bring all the games there ! and move on with this device as handled
    or do both!

    1. Well, it’s bad to buy a costly consoles and then see these games. Though there are good games, and there will be more. Just skip these news. ^^

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