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The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Has A Lovely Hidden Message Inside

If you’ve looked extremely closely at your brand new Nintendo Switch pro controller then you might have noticed a lovely little hidden message which has been stamped on the main board of the controller. Just above the right analogue stick you will find the message THX2ALLGAMEFANS!” written. It’s a nice find by Japanese Twitter user @geo_stream


    1. Nice I love nintendo doing this kind of thinks it remembers me back to the nes and snes when there are lots of secrets on their games just awesome !!

  1. I don’t tink they should be thanking ALL games fans. Look at the 1/10 or 0/10 reviews of BotW. I have never seen so many negative reviews for one game on Metacritic. Sony Ponies are ass hurt.

    1. Noone in there right mind would ever give the game a one!!! That is like giving “the last of us” a one. This is why I don’t even take metacritic seriously!

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