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Grey Box Comments On RiME’s Higher Price On Switch

It’s certainly nice to see third party games coming to the Switch, but recently one has come under fire for its $10 higher price on Nintendo’s console. While Nintendo claim they have no control over RiME’s cost, the developer of the adventure game has also put in their two cents on the situation. According to Grey Box, the cost of development and publishing on the Switch is what forced them to raise the price. Check out their statement below.

“We set prices for our products based on the costs of development and publishing for each specific platform. I can confirm cost of manufacturing is also a factor, in addition to the statement below about development and publishing costs.”



  1. Short version: At this stage, a Nindie title w/ a physical release gets a higher digital price tag. This will change as the Switch game card production cost goes down.

    1. Probably explains why Bomberman is 50 dollars too. I love the little carts. But this could be an issue for third parties. Hopefully you are right and the prices will come down.

      1. This applies to Nindies in particular,which would otherwise just have a digital version. Games that are already retail titles will not see a price hike.

      1. I’m curious if there was some special deal with LC Undercover since Nintendo published it the first time around. Not sure how that really works when another publisher picks it up

  2. If the carts are the problem, then digital should be cheaper. Period. End of story. I will not pay a premium for the same game on a different platform, *especially* when it is coming later to said platform

      1. In that case, they could have just released the game on Switch digitally and opted not to go with the physical release. I have to say, I really want this game, and I would like it to get it for the Switch, but I will wait until the price comes down. This just doesn’t sit well with me.

        1. I bought it, and I totally do not recommend paying 50 dollars. It’s fun, but more like 20 dollars fun. It’s a tough situation because I like having the physical copy, but its not enough to justify the price.

  3. This is funny because Lego City Undercover for Switch is actually cheaper than the other versions… so any saying about “Oh it’s because cartridge” might need to take a look at this:

    Also, Snake Pass looks like it’ll be the same price on Switch yet it’s running the same engine and actually looks slightly better thanks to the colourful art style. RiME devs are just looking for a reason to get more money and they’ll be all pissy when Nintendo fans don’t buy it due to the price and be all like “Oh you see! Nintendo fans don’t like our games and that’s why we won’t develop for Switch anymore”.

    1. I don’t think a company like WB would set different prices on different platforms, even if costs differed on the various versions.

  4. “…cost of manufacturing is also a factor…”

    It’s nice to hear that your digital releases titles will be cheaper than physical copies. What’s that? Oh, they will be the same price? Then don’t make things up.

    1. So just about any digital homicide should get their games on carts for no cost at all?
      Indies should stick to digital, if they can not afford the cart.

  5. Fair enough I won’t buy it at all now on any Platform.

    I can understand it being expensive to develop a game and I don’t mind paying extra but 10 extra is too steep.

    A shame a real shame but I guess that’s what happens when a developer thinks he can just fleece people.

  6. Making this clear: The price hike only applies to digital-only games that are getting a physical release. Games that are dual-market to begin with will not see a digital price hike.

    Regarding this difference, it is something that will go away once the production cost for Switch game cards lowers.

  7. Binding of Isaac is releasing with a physical copy and its price will be the same as all other platforms. It’s possible that it’s a RIME specific issue since it added Switch support part way into it’s development.

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