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More Info Revealed For Dragon Quest XI: In Search Of Departed Time

Game Jump, a publication in Japan, recently published a feature on the upcoming game Dragon Quest XI: In Search Of Departed Time which is coming to 3DS, Nintendo Switch and PS4. Although the page is printed in Japanese, thanks to Gamatsu, we have a translation which reveals some interesting information about the title. Take a look at some of the points below the picture:


  •  New Character


“It is my mission to make the people of the world smile!”

A character who seems to be a traveler, but his tone is…

  •  New Monsters


A monster that carries a huge needle that can fill anything with holes!

Lantern Kozou

A lantern that was thrown away and became a monster in its resentment against humans.

Caption next to 3DS screenshot of the protagonist, Camus, and the Lantern Kozou behind them: “Some monsters, including Lanter Kozou, only appear at night.”

  •  Loads of New Systems

Caption below 3DS screenshot of the protagonist talking to a character wearing yellow: “People with a purple speech bubble mark may have some sort of request.”

Caption below the PlayStation 4 screenshot of the protagonist talking to a character wearing red: “As you approach people, you can hear their voices through the speech bubbles that appear over their head.”

Caption below PlayStation 4 screenshot of the protagonist riding a horse / to the right of 3DS screenshot of the protagonist riding a horse: “Adventure with ease while riding a horse! In the PlayStation 4 version, you can blow away monsters by hitting them with the horse’s body.”

Camp System (Red Box)

On the field, you can make a bonfire. This should prove useful when you have a long way to travel!

Caption to the right of PS4 screenshot: “In addition to resting and healing, and writing in the adventure log (Editor’s Note: this is how you save your game in Dragon Quest), you can also enjoy conversations with your party.”

Caption to the left of 3DS screenshot: “At camp, you can buy items at the shops opened by traveling merchants.”




  1. Wonder how the switch version will turn up. I’m a little disappointed with how dragon quest warriors runs compared to the ps4 version with lots of frame drops although visually it’s good enough for me. Hopefully it’s not the same with this game since DQ 11 won’t have hundreds of enemies on screen like musou games.

    1. I think we can expect a treatment like that one with Heroes. But I don’t see that situation as badly as you. The NSW did remakably being 1/4 the power of the PS4 looking like a 1/2 machine.
      Though I prefer some more stripped graphics than a frame rate on the 20. They should target 30 as mandatory.
      No matter which shaders we lose.

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