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Nintendo Switch Version Of LEGO City Features Dramatically Improved Load Times

LEGO City Undercover is soon to be released on the Nintendo Switch and gamers might be wondering what’s changed this time around. The game’s producer Matt Ellison recently spoke to Game Informer about this very subject and stated that one of the things that has changed is the long load times that plagued the Wii U version. Ellison also mentioned that Nintendo Easter Eggs will be returning in the Nintendo Switch version. There’s also new unlockable characters including police officer Grace Makepiece, a samurai, and a guy in a dinosaur suit. The visuals have also been spruced up on Nintendo’s latest console.



  1. So multiplayer + 3 new useless characters + decreased load times + expected updatede graphics….

    I loved LEGO City but the changes are too minimal.

  2. I never got around to buying this game on my Wii U. When I finally get a Switch (probably this Christmas for Mario), I will definitely be getting this new and improved version of Lego City Undercover.

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