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UK Retailers Say Nintendo Switch Stock Levels Are A Concern

The Nintendo Switch has performed well in the United Kingdom with sales of around 80,000 units during the system’s launch weekend. However, retailers are reporting stock shortages and say that stock levels have become a concern. The demand is there from consumers, but Nintendo hasn’t been able to provide quite enough stock to keep up.

“We satisfied all pre-orders and blasted through the remainder of our initial allocation. Every single one of our pre-order customers received their console on launch day, and we’re optimistic that with some great games due to be released, Switch can establish itself as a successful third console in the market. We’re a bit tight [on stock] but we’re looking forward to more deliveries this week.”

-HMV head of technology and games Phil Browes

“We are in communications with Nintendo but there is not a confirmed date as of yet. With Mario Kart coming in April I would hope there would be more stock before then but that’s not confirmed.”

– A manager speaking anonymously to MCV



  1. My retailer has a nice stock of Switches currently.
    But they are getting sold at steady pace.

  2. Something irks me about them referring to a Nintendo console as “a third console in the market”.

    1. I know what you mean, but it’s understandable to me. Previously there were only really two competing consoles in the UK, given the Wii U’s status. With the Switch’s early success, the UK could be seen as now having three successful consoles.

      “…a successful third console in the market.”

  3. So far it’s selling better than I imagined. We may very well have another Wii situation where it’s gonna be hard to find one for a year without going to a scalper, hell it could potentially outsell the wii given the whole potential to hold your own tournaments and Smash Bros and Splatoon esport potential. Nin has a contender on their hand.

  4. to be honest I am surprise that console selling that much with few content available at launch. That being say, Nintendo has done a very good job at marketing the console in UK.

    There is a more visible present in the UK. In fact I would say the last two weeks before the launch were way better than Wii U lifetime, in term of marketing.

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