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Nintendo Switch’s Online Traffic Data Shows Importance Of Console Launches For Retailers

When a console launches it’s a given that online traffic for retailers spikes. The Nintendo Switch created a huge amount of buzz on and offline with significant traffic surges shown across websites like GameStop, and most notably Amazon. Although the two go hand in hand and may seem blindingly obvious, recent data shows some interesting figures and also notes to where the traffic is being shifted to and from what source. Below is a snapshot at some of the figures and data captured in the launch period:

  • Every major retailer in the United States saw an increase in their web and mobile traffic from Nintendo’s site and from searches for the Switch
  • GameStop and Toys ‘R’ Us traffic peaked over a 30-day period on the Nintendo Switch’s March 3 launch day
  • directed a lot of custom to GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart — but Amazon and Toys ‘R’ Us saw the biggest increases compared to January 2017
  • Over the month leading into the launch of the Switch, Nintendo’s website sent 1.4 million clicks through to Amazon
  • GameStop owned more than 3 percent of the clicks for the term “Switch” in the month leading up to the launch of the system.

With the ever-increasing presence of online shopping outlets, it’ll be interesting to see exactly what impact the Nintendo Switch launch had on high street retailers and their footfall.



            1. ||You will be taken to the Nemesis program, when? I will not say…||

  1. way to go Toys R US. Id like to see more pre order possibilities, exclusives and otherwise note worthy promos with them. as far as the other retailers go, well, fuck gamestop, and everyone else is an all in one stop shop, with the exception of best buy being primarily an electronics store. Toys R Us is the only stand alone toy store. With one of Nintendo’s biggest success being marketed as a “toy” (the NES) I’ve always looked forward to Toys R Us having the best deals and selection…but sadly, it just hasnt been the case. I guess heres to the future of Nintendo, wherever the future leads them.

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