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Batman: The Telltale Series Listed For Nintendo Switch By European Retailers

It looks like there’s a possibility that Batman: The Telltale Series could be on the way to Nintendo Switch. Several European retailers have put up a listing for a Nintendo Switch version of the episodic adventure title, such as Game Buy, which has a June 30 release date attached to it. There’s currently no confirmation from developer Telltale Games, but stay tuned for any updates. Batman: The Telltale Series was originally released throughout 2016 and is already available across multiple platforms.

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  1. Cool I would buy it on switch. The only game from telltale I played was walking dead season 1 on Vita and I’ll admit it was pretty good and interesting even though I had my doubts

    1. I can recommend getting Walking Dead on smart devices tough. I mean there are games that require a gaming console and games that aren’t and the Telltale games are a really nice fit for mbile devices as they got some e-book kind of approach.

    2. I loved the game on first play through.
      Was pretty bummed to find out my choices had little effect on what was going to happen along the story.

  2. Hm, never got around to playing it, I would love to see it on the Switch (if official by TellTale). But, not just that I would love to see everything The Walking Dead on the Switch also as like a big collection for $40 or $50 or something like that.

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