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Here’s A Brief Look At Sonic Forces

Sonic Forces, which is the official title of Project Sonic 2017, was showcased during the SXSW panel and it looks lovely judging from the offscreen footage provided by attendee, Alyssa. It’s created using the new Hedgehog 2 game engine and we should get a proper look at the game tomorrow when presumably footage will be uploaded to YouTube.


  1. I understand people get excited for new releases, but that guy that was screaming during the short video was too damn hype O_O
    The entire time I was thinking that guy needs to shut the hell up so I can hear what kind of music was playing:o

  2. That actually didn’t look too bad ..not the open world I wanted but didn’t look horrible at least lol there may be hope yet. Hopefully it’s announced for switch as well as the others

    1. At the end of the trailer, it says in this order; PS4 Xbox ONE Nintendo Switch PC. Rewatch the video on this page.

  3. Blah. Doesn’t look bad, but I hope it isn’t as easy as Sonic Generations. The boost to win segments got old for me. 2D segments were great though, so if that’s back I’ll buy it regardless.

  4. Looks a little too on rails. I’m more excited for Sonic Mania. I still think the original Sonic games on Genesis are the best. I like Sonic Colors and Generations though. So I could still be pleased. However Sonic Mania is way more the Sonic games I’m into.

  5. Hope this game turns out good. Honestly, Sonic has no appeal to me. I’ve tried so many times to get into it, but I never could. Adventure 2 Battle was the first one I played and the only one I enjoyed. Strangely enough, I liked it so much that I feel like there must be another Sonic game out there I would like, but I’ve never found it.

      1. Well I only got a chance to play it after Adventure 2. It just wasn’t nearly as good in comparison and I remember the overall presentation of it feeling unfocussed compared to 2. The hub world was a big contributor to that.

        The same thing happened when I played Ocarina of Time for the first time. I played it after Twilight Princess and it just didn’t grip me like the previous game did.

  6. Looks like Sonic Adventure with prettier graphics. I don’t find that on-rails, behind the back (or worse, running towards the screen) gameplay fun at all. I hated it in the crash games too.

    I’ll sit this one out, like I have with all the 3D sonic games like it. … and yes, I try them when chance arises. I bought Lost World and 4, and regret both.

    The on-rails games look like fun cg sequences to the person watching over your shoulder, but IMHO, they continue to suck to play, no matter how many times they re-do it.

    At least the OTHER Sonic game (the retro style one) looks better than Sonic 4. I’ll probably pick up (looks it up) “Sonic Mania” when that comes out.

    … whatever kind of gamer the Advenure-Rails style games are made for is just not me.

  7. Move along here people, nothing new to see here.
    Same old modern sonic game were used to.
    Move along.

    No but seriously, i was hoping they might try something less leaner…

  8. ||Utterly disappointing, besides a somewhat improved gameplay, it looks exactly like the other recent Sonic weapons in the last 6 years…||

  9. I used to like Sonic as a kid, lost interest when Sonic 06 was released.
    But I’m so glad that Sonic Force is more like Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations than Sonic 06.

    I’m excited… but not as excited as that over reacting fanboy screeching like a banshee in the video XD

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