Game Freak is currently on a recruitment drive looking for someone to create character models similar to those found on the Wii U and PlayStation Vita. The ideal candidate also needs to have experience in using Maya. The chosen applicant will be tasked with producing models of characters, monsters and items, and deformed materials with toon rendering. Here’s exactly what Pokémon developers Game Freak are looking for in the candidate:

  • Experience in deciding character model specifications
  • Experience in managing progress of character models
  • Experience in producing deformed characters
  • Experience in producing monster models




    • yeah all those 30-40 plus year olds that ruin the true nature of the game with the stupid Iv & Ev system which in it’s own rate makes the games boring and too competitive, making new players think this isn’t a game anymore and give up or in most cases stop playing the franchise leaving only the ” Hardcore Poke Nerds”


  1. I sent this news in a few minutes ago not realizing that this site already had it up lol but yeah this is practically a confirmation that a new mainline console Pokémon game will be coming to the Switch. Once it gets released the Switch’s install base will rapidly increase

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  2. Inb4 Pokemon Rumble, or some other spin-off like Pokepark, haha.

    I think people are getting excited way too quickly. Patience might save you the possible disappointment, just like it could excite you greatly by exceeding your expectations if you keep them low. Waiting seems like the best option to me.

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    • Hmm, giving it a little thought, it occured to me that Game Freak isn’t even responsible for the spin-offs, are they?
      So even though I realized a mainline Pokemon RPG was likely, taking that thought into consideration makes it easier to believe in the chances for a new mainline title rather than just a spin-off.
      But ya, you never know, so I still think it’s best to just wait and see. q:

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    • Perhaps not. But it’s the fact that they’re looking for people who are experienced with character models similar to those found on the Wii U and the Vita. So this could imply that a Pokémon game on the Switch is in the works. Which would be freakin’ awesome.
      Console-quality Pokémon RPG that can be taken with you wherever you go. They’re gonna need to produce a lot of Switches before they even announce that.

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