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Meet ‘Wet Floor’ The New Rock Band In Splatoon 2, Check Out Their Battle Music Too

Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch will be released some time this year and it’s just been revealed who will be supplying the soundtrack to the game. ‘Wet Floor’ is the in-game rock band which will perform Splatoon 2’s background music whilst you battle it out in the arena. Check out a sample of their music below:

Coming from Splatoon 2’s official Tumblr account: “The rock band Wet Floor are the latest sensation in the Inkling world. Their songs are an enticing blend of different genres, and they’re especially popular with the kids right now. Let’s check out their song “Rip Entry,” which you’ll hear as background music while battling!”

Remember that the Global Test Fire is next weekend!



  1. Not sure how much i like the new band. Then again, I wasn’t sure about the old one and i ended up loving the music in Splatoon 1!

  2. Considering the tumblr post didn’t say they were the sole band for this game’s background music, it seems odd to say so in the article itself.

    Splatoon had
    4 bands: ABXY, Squid Squad, Hightide Era and OCTOTOOL
    3 Single Artists: DJ Octavio, DJ Lee Fish and Cala Marley
    and the Squid Sisters idol duo

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