GameStop Reconfirms More Nintendo Switch Stock Coming Wednesday

GameStop has taken to Twitter to inform potential customers that they will have more Nintendo Switch stock on Wednesday, March 22nd. The company previously said that you will be able to buy the console standalone without any expensive bundles, so let’s hope they stay true to that.


  1. Awesome….it’s good to see Nintendo responding quickly to the high demand for the Switch thus avoiding the NES Mini situation

      1. Dingpot Dingpot on the wall who’s the ugliest of all?

        Dingpot* while no one is ugliar than Church of Sasori. Tooty’s looks x12 cant remove that face of sorry.

  2. That’s awesome. glad people can get hold of a switch if they want one. so far, it’s mostly people who want to play Zelda but don’t know it’s not a Switch exclusive.

    But yeah, awesome they are getting more.

    And PS: Fuck Gamestop.

  3. I got the Pro controller, Bomberman R, BOTW, a screen protector and portable charger. I just don’t have the console so rare and so fine. The haters lied saying Switch will decline. Nearly 1 month gone by and still hard to find.

  4. Since the haters won’t admit the Switch is a hit, I guess they have no choice but to split or hear then have a fit.

    Yeah that’s it.

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