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US: Nintendo Switch In Stock At Nintendo NYC Store Right Now

If you’re lucky enough to be within walking, short driving or perhaps running distance of the Nintendo NYC Store and you’re still looking to pick up a Nintendo Switch then you’re in luck. They have announced that they have stock (while it lasts) right now. The Nintendo New York City Store tweeted:



  1. Sweet! That Store in that one city that sells cool things you can’t buy anywhere else and is more of an insult to the rest of us than a nice gesture to fans across the country?

    Nice! The Nintendo store is so awesome! Like, gamestop-awesome! :D

      1. Not everything. They restrict a lot of their specials to Store-Only purchases. So I wouldn’t get too excited if you try to go grab something special they promote.

      2. I just checked. Yeah. No. You can’t take advantage of this online. Just like all the other shit they tell the country about.

        I don’t make shit up, and if you fact check me, you’ll see I end up right way more than I want to be. It’s not my fault Nintendo pulls all kinds of shit.

  2. While Grunty waits to buy her Switch I bought a portable charger, screen protector, Bomberman R, BOW, a Pro controller and a Switch case. Hopfully a retailer will have some available. If not Ill buy skin covers blue or red to match the Joy Cons.

    I know I didnt Rhyme, but next time ill have better lines.

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