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Video: Check Out The Troll And I Launch Trailer

Maximum Games have just uploaded a fresh, new trailer to their YouTube channel showing viewers what they can expect from Troll And I, a title soon to be released on Nintendo Switch. The title looks quite promising with some gorgeous visuals and intriguing gameplay to be enjoyed. Players are also given the option to go couch co-op with another player. Take a look for yourself in the video below:

Troll And I is available on PS4, Steam and Xbox One now.


6 thoughts on “Video: Check Out The Troll And I Launch Trailer”

  1. Yea this game is getting slammed by reviews . Pretty unfortunate as it looks decent. I’ll probly give it a shot but it’s listed for 50 on switch and I will definitely not pay that much if it’s not worth it. I’ll wait to see the general consensus and some gameplay

  2. This game never looked promising to me. But, I don’t think that it is because the developers are inadequate, I just think that making 3D games takes a LOT more resources than indie studios can handle, which is why we see them making a lot more 2D games. If indie studios do go the 3D route, then they usually use an interesting art style to mitigate the difficulties of rendering photo-realism and also go for more simple mechanics and storylines, etc, because it takes a village of people to really make something special in a reasonable amount of time.

    I think this game is a victim of the nature of the business. It is an EXPENSIVE industry.

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