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Has-Been Heroes Delayed On Nintendo Switch In Europe And Australia

Nintendo Switch owners in Europe and Australia will have to wait a bit longer until they can get their hands on Has-Been Heroes. Originally scheduled to launch worldwide on March 28, the upcoming strategy title won’t be released in either region until April 4. The delay is attributed to “some logistical issues,” according to developer Frozenbyte. However, the game is still on track to arrive in the U.S. on March 28. Frozenbyte recently explained how developing for Nintendo’s latest console is “a lot smoother” than the same process on Wii U.



  1. This game, to me, is unimpressive. The artstyle just does not work for me. The combat system is more interesting than I originally thought it would be, but with the kind of combat systems we get now-a-days, the game is too mediocre.

    Some have said it before, but this game looks like it belongs on iOS. It will probably be met with mediocre reviews.

    1. Its a $28 CAD game. I cant imagine its going to be too riveting for not even 30 bucks. It is what it is, a simply game to play to waste some time.

  2. I share Mamma Jynx, though it’s not art style in my, but the whole combat system that seems anxiogenic.
    Not a game I’m looking for.

      1. ok.
        My retailer does not have it in the listings, though I’m not that interested in the game.
        Funny though, since the developer is local, but does not have physical release for us on any store, did not check gamestop, since I do not shop there.
        Though they might just not be taking pre orders.

        1. Yes, it’s probably about pre-orders. I presume the store will get it once it will be available. And eventually it isn’t something with high circulation since it’s an (uninspiring?) indie.

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