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Inti Creates Is Working On Two Unannounced Titles

It looks like Inti Creates has been working on more than Blaster Master Zero. The NES sequel released on 3DS and Switch recently, but the developer has let slip that they are planning on announcing two more games during 2017. While one will be ready to announce in the Summer, the other won’t surface until the end of the year. Check out the full interview here.

Azario Lopez: With Blaster Master Zero now available on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS, what’s next from Inti Creates?

Takuya Aizu: We have two big projects coming up: the first we’re aiming to announce early Summer – the second will be closer to the end of the year.



  1. Well hopefully it’s something good. Can’t help but feel a little cautious with these guys now given the involvement in mightyno9 but azure striker seems like its a good game and so does blaster master although I have yet to play either.

  2. I got blaster master 0 on switch and its very worthwhile, especially for fans of the original game, or someone looking for a megaman inspired game. I was just noticing that the weapon system (reimagined for this reboot) is similar to a megaman concept—its not particularly hard, but more about deciding what gun/weapon to use in what situation. Anyway, the game is great–looking forward to what else they can make for Switch.

  3. I’m guessing one as a Switch exclusive, and one is an 3DS exclusive. I would like that.

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