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Fire Emblem Heroes Trailer Reveals Easter Costumes For Chrom and Lucina

An eggciting update is coming to Fire Emblem Heroes later today. Nintendo Mobile has released a trailer showing off the Special Heroes being added for the game’s Spring Festival. Chrom, Lucina, Camilla and Xander are all getting in the Easter spirit with their special rabbit armour in battle. Check out the trailer below.



      1. To Christians yes, but the Easter here (the event) isnt the religious one. At least none of the Christians I know go around Easter day celebrating by with bunny ears collecting and finding plastic eggs.

        (I should really be more clear with what I type/say.)


      2. Youre not really going to compare those 2 holidays are you? I mean, Easter comes and goes, Christmas is waited on by almost every child for a whole month, stores completly rearrange shelves to make room for it. Companies get into the spirit, almost everyone has the day off. Those 2 holidays are not comparable. (Again, im not talking about the religious aspect in both of them) Easter is just not as important.


      3. Really? I need to grow up when you resort to name calling? I could lower to your simplistic behavior but I’ll digress.
        It’s a character introduction with no substantial gain in playability, only aesthetics. Open your viewpoints for once.


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