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I Am Setsuna Free DLC ‘Temporal Battle Arena’ Coming April 13th

Square Enix has announced that Nintendo Switch owners of I Am Setsuna will get the free downloadable Temporal Battle Arena on Thursday, April 13th in the form of a patch. I Am Setsuna is available now via the Nintendo Switch eShop.

The patch adds a new party-on-party coliseum battle mode to the game, allowing players to upload their own battle data for other players to download and battle.



    1. It’s good if you like old school rgps. I imported the physical copy from Japan that plays in English and am enjoying it well enough.

    2. It got good reviews, though to me it does look cheap and uninspired. Not going to buy it. But anyway if you don’t care for visuals it got good reviews.

      P.S.: To me Chrono Trigger still looks good, so it’s about personal perception.

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