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Nintendo Just Revealed Another Splatoon 2 Map Called ‘Starfish Mainstage’

21st July sees the release of Splatoon 2 and to drum up some more hype for the title Nintendo have just treated us to a bit more information regarding what stages we’ll be battling it out in. Starfish Mainstage is a new map that they have unveiled recently and you can see a shot of it below:


This is Starfish Mainstage. It’s an outdoor music venue that hosts concerts for all types of music acts. The now legendary “Squid Squad” played here once, and it’s considered a bit of a holy site for devotees of rock music. It’s a wonder that all the ink spray doesn’t cause the equipment to short-circuit, but we suppose they’ve got it all figured out.


5 thoughts on “Nintendo Just Revealed Another Splatoon 2 Map Called ‘Starfish Mainstage’”

  1. I am praying that they give the male squid more hairstyles in DLC or something. The current hairstyles are not to my liking except for the one in the image above (but you know everyone is going to use that lol). It is not that hard to come up with good squid hair for males.

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