Splatoon The Manga Series Debuts Late 2017

Viz Media have today announced via Twitter that a manga series for Splatoon will be making its debut later this year. With Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch coming out this July, I’m sure we can expect the manga series to roll out around that time too. Check out some nice artwork in the tweet below from Viz Media:



  1. Good manga, it’ll be nice to have a physical copy of it on my shelf.

    It’d be interesting to see it release in July with the art book and game. Gotta flood that amazon front page with ink.

  2. Splatoon gets a manga and Metroid, an extremely lore rich universe is ignored. I know Metroid had one a long time ago, but sheesh, there’s so much potential behind Metroid being in other forms of media and they choose Splatoon. Sorry for mini rant, I’m just a salty Metroid fan…

    1. I hear you on the Metroid thing. However, I think Splatoon is getting the treatment is is because Nintendo is actively trying to push this as it’s a new franchise, and a successful one at that- just look at the sales numbers for when the original came out. On top of that, Splatoon is immensely more popular in Japan than Metroid is.

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