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CEO Of Stardock: “We Will Not Support The Nintendo Switch, It’s Too Different Than Any Of The Others:

The CEO of Stardock, a software development company, has chimed in with his thoughts on supporting the Nintendo Switch. It would seem that we won’t be seeing much support from Stardock as he’s a firm believer that he hasn’t seen a lot of success from non-Nintendo studios. CEO Brad Wardell recently had an interview with GamingBolt and had the following to say on the matter:

“No, [we] probably [will] not [support the Switch]. It’s too different than any of the others, and there isn’t a lot of – I haven’t seen a lot of third party success stories on the more recent Nintendo hardware. Nintendo, is a great market for Nintendo, but I haven’t seen a lot of huge hits made by non Nintendo studios.”

Wardell also spoke about Nintendo and their lack of need for third party support due to Nintendo’s IP:

“Nintendo doesn’t arguably need third party,” Wardell said. “You think about the Mario games, Zelda, I mean, there’s plenty there. I mean, if it was a $1000 game system, maybe I’d care. But as it stands now, there is plenty to play with on the Switch, that’s just fine.”

Stardock are best known for computer programs that allow a user to modify or extend a graphical user interface as well as personal computer games, particularly strategy games such as Galactic Civilizations, Sins of a Solar Empire and Fallen Enchantress.

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113 thoughts on “CEO Of Stardock: “We Will Not Support The Nintendo Switch, It’s Too Different Than Any Of The Others:”

            1. You shouldn’t correct someone’s English if yours isn’t perfect. For example, in your first sentence, “awe” should be “aww.” And you missed an apostrophe in the word “I’m.”

    1. Then why don’t you make a game for the switch? Or are you too lazy too? Why do you care about what other people do? So what if they don’t want to make a game for the switch? Why are you so butt hurt?

          1. This retarded bitch motherfucka has returned huh, up there getting destroyed in the comment section with his lame ass

            1. Anubis, the Devil Dog

              I hope you realize that I give ZERO fucks. So keep getting buthurt I don’t give a shit lmao.

    2. Im glad to hear that and I hope nobody supports nintendo so they stop doing stupid things like believe they have the control over gaming when they not. I do love nintendo and I hate them for not making enough nes minis Im really pissed off fucking idiots of Nintendo. I dont support scalpers so I will never have one.

    3. Yeah i totally agree.When i read stardock their mediocrity immediately came to mind.

      They are the infinity ward of boring 4x gaming

    1. Like they used to years ago before internet gaming and all that bollox :( bring back the days of GameCube and PS2!x

  1. Unlike Nintendo I’ve never heard of these people. Wish them the best of luck and everything but if Switch is as much of a success as it looks like it’s going to be then it’s a pity for them

    1. He did start off by saying that “it’s too different than any of the others” as a reason they aren’t working with it. Sounds like half their argument is “we don’t like different” with a statement like that, imo.

    1. I think the competition from Nintendo games is a large factor too. People have limited time and money for games, a lot of that will be put on Nintendo games, because of how good they are. On other platforms, there is no competition from Nintendo to worry about.

      1. I see your point, but… I’m not fully sure, but I believe he made that statement taking into account that Nintendo fans primarily buy Nintendo hardware to play Nintendo software. In other words, people have Nintendo platforms to play Nintendo games to begin with. That’s the kind of demography that would never consider buying a non-Nintendo game: if there was a real competition, the competitors should be primarily considered as competitors, which never happens when it comes to Nintendo supporters.

  2. Also, they are partners with AMD, Nintendo Switch is using Nvidia Hardware so no wonder why he won’t support the Switch. It’s not because it’s hard, it’s because his company are sellouts to AMD.

    From what I’ve seen from their games is either mediocre or just down right dull.

  3. “I mean, if it was a $1000 game system, maybe I’d care.”

    Can someone please help me understand what this means? Is he saying he’d make games for Nintendo hardware if it cost $1000? Good luck building a big enough user base to justify development costs for a $1000 console. Like…seriously, WHAT?

    1. He just say that Nintendo don’t need third parties (because Nintendo is big and people buy Nintendo hardware for Nintendo games primarily) and since the hardware is cheap people are happy to buy it even without the third parties. People would have be scared to buy an hardware more costly (1000$) without third parties. He is actually saying that the Nintendo Switch is really cool but very far from his business so he don’t want to invest on it.

    2. No I think he was saying the Switch doesn’t need 3rd party support because of what it is… Then he said, if it was a 1,000 dollar system then he could understand… Meaning he would then think the console would need 3rd party support because of the amount of money you’d be paying… You would expect a 1,000 dollar system to have full 3rd party support… But a $300 Switch can survive without it…

      That’s what I got out of it anyways…

  4. It’s silly to say, “There’s been no third party success on the Switch” when there even hasn’t been a strong 3rd party title anywhere in the launch window. There weren’t really any 3rd party “successes” when the Xbone or PS4 launched either. Most of what I remember was “shit” to “decent.” The highest rated game I could find was Flower on PS4 and fucking SPORTS games were the highest on the Xbox One. This dude’s reasons are a joke.

  5. Understandable, companies need to make money and from the looks of it, if they were to port their games or make similar games to what they have now, it probably wouldn’t sell well or be a huge success on the switch. His comment about 3rd party games being successful on Nintendo is BS though.

  6. Who the hell is Starduck? It doesn’t matter, not supporting the Nintendo Switch then you are out of luck. You just shorten your buck. You lazy f**k.

  7. If Nintendo could get these, and other unique, 3rd party games on the Switch then there’s no need for AAA devs because the smaller devs of these games would definitely put the Switch in a position where either you can play it on pc or on the go, and majority of PC gamers would definitely buy a Switch for these games just to be able to play them on the go.
    Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]
    Dragon Knight
    Children of Morta
    Planet Explorers
    Death’s Gambit
    Death Road to Canada
    Ghost Song
    Enter the Gungeon on Steam
    Sky Break
    Ghost 1.0
    Ghost of a Tale
    Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds
    Rain World
    Dark and Light
    Crossing Souls
    Doko Roko
    Paradise Lost: First Contact
    Night in the Woods on Steam
    Dark Devotion
    Katana ZERO
    Nights of Azure
    Dead Cells
    Phantom Trigger
    The Memory of Eldurim

  8. “Nintendo doesn’t arguably need third party,”

    This kind of shows they don’t really know what they are on about. The Wii U fell flat on it’s face, partly due to lack of Third Party support. Every system NEEDS a healthy supply of both First and Third Party games. There are only so many games that Nintendo can make in a calendar year.

    1. Maybe he meant “they act like they don’t need 3rd party support”? Actually, the guy was a dick, but he has a point when talking about the relationship between Nintendo and 3rd parties developers.

  9. Nothing Stardock do is even remotely a good fit for the Switch anyway, so what does it matter. I happen to think the Switch is going to see more third party success stories than other Nintendo consoles of late as people want to play their favourite games on the go, but we’ll see.

  10. Nothing personal, but I hate when newspapers and other “news” sites, organizations, etc. put in parentheses or brackets the words the person didn’t say as if people are too stupid to know. Sometimes, they even get it wrong enough that the meaning is taken away. Context and semantics count at times and dumbing down the language seems out of place to me.

    I am sure people learn it as an English or Journalism major, but man it looks stupid

  11. Hello everyone. I don’t know this CEO and never heard about these games. So they don’t want to bring their work to the Switch. No problem, we just have the right third party developers.

      1. +Steveb943

        Yacht club games (Shovel Knight) They’re pretty major

        Vertex pop (Graceful explosion machine) Major enough!

        SUMO Digital (Snake Pass) Major out-of-the-box

        SEGA(they’ve worked with Nintendo before but it’s a new era)

        Shin’en (FAST RMX) Became major overnight thx to the switch

        I mean the list goes on (actually Skyrim is on its way)
        tbh the Nintendo Switch is the fastest selling video game in history(Nintendo). So to discard it’s potential all together makes this guy a blatant fool.

  12. Sounds to me these guys realize their properties won’t sell on the switch. Therefore i respect their decision not to develop anything for nintendo.
    The audience just will not be there. Or so they say.

  13. You know, please don’t shoot (and please forgive the “tl;dr”), but I actually sorta kinda agree with the guy. Hear me out:

    I mean, let’s think about it. The Wii was a huge success. The WiiU? Not so much. The difference between them was NOT 3rd party support, though. Neither one of them had very good 3rd party support on the one hand, and yet neither one of them were absolute 3rd party deserts either.

    So what was the REAL difference between the two systems then? Two major things:

    a) the volume and quality of 1st and 2nd party Nintendo games….

    …….but EVEN MORE IMPORTANT in my opinion…..

    b) that the unique use case that Nintendo offered in the Wii resonated hugely with gamers, was well supported by developers, and was widely adopted and smartly implemented all around….whereas the WiiU tablet, though a very interesting idea that did have a bunch of untapped potential and a few clever implementations here and there never really resonated with the masses, and developers never really knew what to do with it, or cared to figure it out, plus it couldn’t be decoupled from the system. So even though it did have amazing potential, and even though it had features that even the Switch doesn’t have, it ultimately became this “Swiss Army Albatross” that dragged the WiiU into the bog.

    Now, not having 3rd party games certainly didn’t help matters, granted. But at most, it was the tertiary cause of the system’s lack of true success (because it wasn’t exactly a total failure either). Ho-Hum 1st party support paired with the un-unpairable dead weight were both larger factors.

    Therefore, while we certainly DO WANT third party games on the Switch, and while the system will certainly be even better and even more successful with them than with without them…..not to mention even more enjoyable – and even more damning to the PS4 and XB1 who already seem kinda silly now when held against the flexibility of the Switch on the one hand, and the raw power of PC gaming on the other…

    …but at the end of the day, do I think the Switch really NEEDS 3rd party games? So long as we have a compelling, resonant unique use case that is consumer and developer embraced, and as long as we have a steady stream of quality 1st and 2nd party Nintendo IPs, then I am forced to conclude that the answer to the question of whether or not we truly NEED them is a resounding…….No. And we already have the first of those two necessary components clinched.

    Therefore, so long as Nintendo keeps the hits coming, then the system will still be a soaring success and a total delight even if we never see a single major 3rd party blockbuster in its entire life. And please understand that my saying this is in no way any sort of indictment of the Switch, but rather, a declaration of complete faith in it that it’s such an amazing system, and so close to invincivibility assuming the 1st party is strong that it can stay afloat even without 3rd parties…

    …now that said?……BRING ON THE FLIPPIN’ 3RD PARTIES! :-D


    1. All systems need third party support. U had it early on, but it still wasn’t enough. Trust me Nintendo can’t put out games that often, and they won’t pay for devs to bring their stuff. Support is necessary for true success.

      1. This is very true, but the exclusion of their support in particular isn’t going to make or break business for any of the console makers. Looking into the history of what they have contributed to gaming it’s primarily PC support and games, and no notable technological support except in the case of Windows. I’m not the most tech savvy person, but I’m sure there are more than a few other companies who can fill in for what they can offer.

      1. Well, please be sure you’re not misreading me by way of over reading me. I never affirmed that part of the quote, nor the part about the Switch being too different. The only part of the quote I was actually interacting with was his thing about whether the Switch really NEEDS 3rd party games.

        And as I said above, as long as we have a compelling use case that resonates (which I think we’re already seeing that we do), and as long as Nintendo and it’s 2nd party partners keep pumping out the goods, then we really don’t NEED them at all (which is not to say we don’t still WANT them, though.) :-)

        Perhaps I should’ve better parsed the opening lines of my last comment to clarify that it was only a portion of his quote I was agreeing with. However, that the guy strikes us possibly as a self-serving tool that was only saying this to attempt to gracefully recuse himself from working on the Switch while not looking like he was totally trashing it doesn’t automatically invalidate everything he says. That’s a pit we need to make sure we avoid as well.


  14. “Hey, look at me! I have an audience of 1’000 people around the globe that play my games. My opinion matters!”

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