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Toys R’ Us Will Have Switch Consoles Back In Stock On April 28th

If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch and still wish to purchase one, you’re in luck. Toys R’ Us has announced on Twitter that Nintendo Switch consoles will be back in stock on April 28th to celebrate the release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. However, there are two catches. Firstly, the consoles will only be available in-store only. Secondly, Toys R’ Us says that the quantities of Switch consoles will be limited. As a result, you will have to be quick with your purchase and look to see what Toys R’ Us stores have the console available.


16 thoughts on “Toys R’ Us Will Have Switch Consoles Back In Stock On April 28th”

    1. Seriously, I STILL havent gotten one yet. These shortages are ridiculous, and theyre going for 150% more on OfferUp and eBay. Who told Nintendo that limiting quantities was a smart idea?

        1. Actually it’s those damn scalpers! They did the same crap with fire emblem fates so why should you be surprised over any of this?

  1. I am more and more glad I went to the midnight release of the Switch at my local Best Buy… They even had a table full of accessories laid out for purchase. If I would have known that the Nintendo section of Best Buy would be literally cleared out TO THIS DAY, I would have gotten even more accessories…

        1. Nice. I got the Zelda special edition just because wanted that sweet case lol

          I may get one of those Splatoon 2 cases when they are released in Japan though. That way I can SWITCH it up.

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