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Reggie Says Nintendo Will Support The 3DS Into 2018

Nintendo America President Reggie Fils-Aime recently spoke to IGN about Nintendo’s commitment to the 3DS. He said that “we will certainly be announcing new titles for the 3DS platform, and we’ll do that continuously. Some things that will be announced at E3. There will be some that we announce after E3. For us, E3 is an important event but it’s not the one defining moment. Obviously with Nintendo Direct, we’ve created means to speak directly to our consumer base. We want to provide news and information when we believe it’s most relevant”. When IGN asked for clarification if the support will continue to 2018, Reggie confirmed that it will.

IGN asked Reggie if Nintendo will be doing any more Nintendo Selects titles in the future. Reggie said that “in terms of Nintendo Selects, we think the line is very strong right now. We need to evaluate for new potential additions, but we’ve got nothing to announce right now”. He was also asked whether Nintendo will be added more classic games to the 3DS’ Virtual Console. In response, Reggie says that “we know that there is tremendous interest in this overall area. We’re blessed with having a tremendous legacy of content that we’ve launched across our various platforms. We’ve got nothing to announce right now in terms of Virtual Console offerings, whether it’s on 3DS or Switch, but we know there’s a tremendous amount of interest in this area.”


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30 thoughts on “Reggie Says Nintendo Will Support The 3DS Into 2018”

  1. I thought 2018 was a given, it’s 2019 where it seems like they’ll fully transition to the Switch given that they see enough success with it by then. The 3DS still has some goodies left for it, with Sinnoh remakes being highly likely due to dataminers finding all of Sinnoh’s key items in Sun and Moon so there’s that.

    1. They’ve always had the remakes appear two console generations after the original. It’s why there weren’t Hoenn remakes in generation 5, because it was still operating on the DS. I’m almost positive that Sinnoh remakes won’t come until generation VIII; when they’ve either made the Switch, or even released a dedicated 3DS successor. Can’t give a particularly good alternative explanation as to why the gen 4 key items would be coded into Sun and Moon. Then again, I don’t understand why they’d need to have them be included into the games’ code to begin with. Key items aren’t tradeable between games.

      1. Only logical explanation is that they’re already working on it and were using the same engine. As to why they haven’t fully taken out any referneces toward them, who knows. Same thing happened with things like Mega Latias and Latios in XY despite not being obtainable.

    1. I cannot confirm any of this–but I believe that he is saying that they have been carrying over key items from previous games in the series SINCE generation 3.

  2. I didn’t expect for Nintendo to support the 3DS no longer than one more year and my assumption was right. Next year will certainly be the last hoorah for the 3DS in terms of the device being constantly supported and that’s a very smart move. Worldwide and especially in Japan, the Switch continues to be a sales juggernaut and a heavy distraction for the 3DS in the portable/mobile gaming space so them ending 3DS production maybe towards the end of 2018 will be a very logical move seeing as how massively popular the Switch has become. 3DS was a great gaming device but it has ran its course a long time ago. The specs are just severely outdated and there’s nothing developers can really do for it. I once questioned this decision but Nintendo was wise to come up with a hybrid concept like the Switch. The risks they took and sacrifices they made has really paid off………so far. Hopefully they can keep this momentum going and it looks like they will

  3. Interesting. NX rumors abound, and Nintendo assures us it’s not a replacement console, and it’ll live side by side with WIiU and 3DS. NX, now Switch, is released. WiiU immediately ended. A month later, 3Ds into 2018, sure. Not exactly living side by side. Sure sounds like a replacement to me. With a 2019 3DS replacement.

    But to be fair, both Sony & Microsoft assured us there was no next gen console coming. PS3 and XBOX 360 had so much life into them. Around 10 moths later, guess who’s releasing next gen consoles. seems everybody likes lying to keep fans happy with what they have for a little while longer.

  4. In the words of Peer from IGN. Nintendo always sends off a console with Kirby games. So the moment they announced those little kirby games, we knew the 3ds was on its way out. Oh well, it had a great life and one of the better libraries.

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