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LEGO City Undercover Update Available

If you own the amusing LEGO City Undercover you may have noticed that it has had an update recently. The latest update for the game brings it to version 1.0.2. However, what we do not have is patch notes, as they haven’t been provided, so it makes it tricky to work out what has been changed. Users have reported issues with the framerate so one can only hope that that’s one of the things that has been tweaked. If LEGO City Undercover hasn’t been updated you can manually update it by¬†opening the Options menu to select Software Update > Via the Internet.



  1. Headlines letters are too big and most of them do not appear complete. Is there anyway to reduce font size so I can read the wole sentence of a headline?

  2. Great new layout!

    Never played this game but been interested since WiiU days so I ordered it yesterday for Switch when amazon had the price down to 38 Euro for a few hours. Good to hear that it gets patched. I am worried abut the framerate issues a bit.

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