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Breath Of The Wild Discovery Suggests Link Was Originally Able To Lose The Master Sword

While many fans have criticised the rate at which weapons break in Breath of the Wild, the one exception is the legendary Master Sword. It is in fact impossible to lose the Blade of Evil’s Bane. However, a new Breath of the Wild discovery suggests this wasn’t always the case. When a glitch allows players to drop the blade, a message appears that states “The Master Sword has returned to the forest”. This suggests that at one point in development, Link was able to lose the Master Sword and would have to recollect it in the Lost Woods. Check out a clip below.



  1. I don’t think it means any of that. It’s simply a safety measure providing you with never losing that important item in case of glitch or bug. All of the key items in modern games are (or at least should be) saved similar way.

    1. That was my first thought. But then again, it would be easier to just place the sword back in the inventory instead of the forest.

      1. I think this is safer, because with Inventory you have to consider if it has a free space, but returning the item to the place where it initially was is totally safe… It may sound weird, but in game development, you have to think of all the bad things that can happen and come up with the solutions that’ll cover every single option, even those highly unlikely.

      2. Not actually a reply to you, but ryu, but since comment chains have this stupid limit of 2 now…

        You don’t have to worry about the Master Sword not having a place in a full inventory- obtaining it creates a slot. I had all my weapon slots full when I pulled the MS, and it was added to my cache regardless. So yes, this “glitch” strikes me as more of a fail-safe in case something weird *does* happen and the game doesn’t get confused as to what happens if it occurs, like an “if A happens, do B” sort of thing.

  2. How does this suggest Link was originally able to lose the Master Sword? This looks more like an emergency fallback put in place by the developers — major plot items should always be recoverable, even in case of a glitch.

  3. Sounds to me like normal stages of development.
    1. All weapons work the same.
    2. Since the Master Sword is special, make it clear that it respawned at the forest. Say “returned” for flavour
    3. Realize that this is not good enough and define special rules for the Master Sword.

    In this case we see the leftover of step 2. There is no reason to delete it and it makes a very nice fallback in case of some bug.

      1. Yes.

        What I mean to say is, that this would be unlikely to be wrong in the first place.
        Just as, at a certain point, the Master Sword could probably break completely (not regenerating) and it was possible to throw the sword away. It probably has worked like any other weapon in the game at some point. Not meaning that there was ever a high chance of them leaving it like that.

        If you are programming the behavior of weapons, you do not already develop exactly how a specific exception behaves. You do that later, after seeing how things go.

        Of course I might be wrong on that, but this just doesn’t look like anything surprising to me.

    1. you can’t drop it.
      about throwing the master sword, well, just try it as soon as you get it.

    1. no. I had it when I entered, and all items were simply removed and returned after completion.

    1. Best part of the summer DLC is that the Trial of the Sword will make it so the Master Sword is always at 60. Some people have theorized that when it glows it also seems to have higher durability.

      1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

        Agreed! This would have made the Master Sword all the more important. It’s a shame the most important sword in the game can quickly get overshadowed, and overpowered, by other weapons even when facing Ganon. I got a Royal Guard Claymore, for instance, that had an attack power of 112. Sure it’s durability is trash but that still makes the Master Sword look inferior to it. It’s sad that the Master Sword will do roughly the same amount of damage to Ganon as a common weapon if you happen to get one that boosts it’s attack power beyond 60.

  4. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits. This use to be something that awaited those for all consoles. It's sad it's mostly just a PS4 slogan these days. Maybe Nintendo will get back to that greatness with the Switch. Only time will tell.} says:

    Actually, this should have given someone an awesome idea. They should have made it to where it was very easy to lose the Master Sword & when you lost it, it’d reappear in a random location in the world & you’d have to go retrieve it, not simply reappear in the forest. When it does reappear in a random location in Hyrule, a beam of light would shoot high into the sky where you could see it from almost anywhere in Hyrule if you are in a high place, similar to how a shooting star has a beam of light showing you where it landed. *sigh* Oh well. Maybe someone will think of that for a future Zelda game.

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