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Team Mystic Reign Supreme In Latest Pokemon Go Event

Niantic held a Pokemon Go mini-event event called ‘Worldwide Bloom’ last weekend where more grass-type Pokemon would spawn than usual. They’ve announced via Twitter that Team Mystic (my team, woo!) caught the most amount of grass-type Pokemon overall. Team Mystic caught a total of 116 million with Team Valor coming in with 102 million and Team Instinct with 72 million.

Now before people start with the “do people still actually play this game?” – I think the answer is most definitely ‘yes’.


7 thoughts on “Team Mystic Reign Supreme In Latest Pokemon Go Event”

  1. Why no reporting on FE Heroes voting gauntlets?
    I don’t think I’ve seen results for any of them.
    Last one was won by Camilla.
    Now its fem mages vs male mages and my baby Tharja is kicking Linde’s butt.

      1. Few hundred million points don’t you mean?
        Linde is going down.

        Though this is the most even match I have seen. Usually one side has twice as much points.

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