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EA Refers To FIFA On Switch As EA SPORTS FIFA On The Nintendo Switch

It was always alluded to that FIFA on the Nintendo Switch, which launches later this year, will be a specially built customised version of the popular football franchise. Some were expecting it to be simply labeled as FIFA 18, which will be coming to various formats, but a recent press release sent out by EA states that it’s actually titled EA SPORTS™ FIFA on the Nintendo Switch. The press release details which games will be playable at EA PLAY 2017 in Hollywood and FIFA 18 is one of these games as well as EA SPORTS™ FIFA on the Nintendo Switch.


24 thoughts on “EA Refers To FIFA On Switch As EA SPORTS FIFA On The Nintendo Switch”

                1. Anubis, the Devil Dog

                  Come back to me when you know how to use the English language you illiterate fuck. I bet you’re like 12 years old, you prepubescent little thing.

    1. It is just the name on the source material. Need for Speed is stated as play the Need for Speed experience. FIFA is custom built on Switch so they wanted it separated. There will be some Switch specific features. It could or could not have the same features of FIFA 18 but people will see at the EA Play 2017.

  1. Ill be buying FIFA on switch. Have never bought a soccer game in my life lol but I’ll give it a shot i have lots of friends that play so I wouldn’t mind playing FIFA on the go if it supports single joy con play of course.

    1. Well I’m glad someone’s buying it. I honestly don’t believe it will sell very well. Most sport game fans are on Xbox. People don’t buy Nintendo platforms for sports games. EA should know better, they should have released Battlefront 2 instead.

  2. I love the FIFA titles, especially 17, has been really fun. Mostly because I’m a huge soccer (football) fan. I just hope EA doesn’t release some weird dumbed down version for the Switch. Fingers crossed.

    It’ll be awesome to play FIFA on the go.

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