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Nintendo’s Stock Rises Again Due To Announcement Of Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver.

With the recent reveal from Capcom that Monster Hunter XX will be arriving on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s stock has seen a significant rise. Nintendo’s share price rose 5.48% to ¥33,510 ($301.27). This latest rise means that Nintendo’s market value hasn’t been this high since October 2008.


25 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Stock Rises Again Due To Announcement Of Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver.”

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||The more dead it is, the better we become to end the impurities that infect it…||

      2. Nintendo must be the oldest living dead company by now.
        Before you even notice, you’ll be all grown up, and Nintendo is still there.

  1. THIS JUST IN– Mario Mafia kingpin Tatsumi Kimishima is swimming in trillions of Japanese Yen inside Nintendo’s top secret vault.

  2. well i wonder why it rose, maybe its because everyone and their mom wanted a monster hunter on a home console since wii, wii u versions was just a slight enhanced port, by slight i mean its just a carbon copy with a bit of tweaks.

  3. As someone on this site said, this will break the Japanese market when it releases. If the Pokemon Switch rumors turn out to be true, there will be no force on Earth that can stop Nintendo.

    1. Stocks reached 31,770 jpy during Pokemon Go. Today they are 33,510 jpy. Thats a difference of about $18 usd a piece. Unless there has been a significant change in USD to JPY in that time it is much higher now (~6%).

  4. Monster Hunter XX and Pokemon Stars will commit the largest mass murder of competition this when they release. I love my ps4 pro, but MHXX and Pokemon Stars release in the west this year my PS4 is going to be dusty as hell by the time I get back to it. Hell, I’m still playing MHgen on my 2ds more than I am playing my ps4, so I can only imagine what Pokemon Stars and MHgen are capable of doing to the gaming market this year.
    Remember when Bungie made that ridiculous comment of how Dwstiny wouldn’t work on the Switch because of the MP aspects, well they are about to get a dose of reality because MH is all about multiplayer.

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